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  1. Imagine her leaving her laptop on my desk where I paint helmets - that was silly

  2. Have you taken out the special donation/Calender/pin deal ... or are you just a SPONGER !?!?!?!?!

  3. Die gefährlichste aller Weltanschauungen ist die Weltanschauung der Leute, welche die Welt nicht angeschaut haben.

  4. Finally retired. More time for the collection, but not more money.

  5. Arrrgh! I jinxed it! The white crap's been coming down for 12 straight hours!

  6. Dec 16th and still no snow... Weird! But I looove it!

  7. Back in the USA - empty handed after two weeks in Europe.

  8. What will the bar to the new NATO medal for Libya say?

  9. Only a few days to go until I'm off to Newcastle to see Weird Al Yankovik :)

  10. better than spanking a dead monkey...

  11. I am so tired of being out bid on Ebay

  12. Getting ready to head back to CA for the next six-seven months. :- (

  13. has just bought a fantastically historical WW2 group!!!!!!!

  14. Snowing again...it will be a white Christmas after all. :)

  15. Snowing again...it will be a white Christmas after all. :)

  16. Starting to worry if weather will affect my ability to get back to the US on Tuesday. Have to go through Prague and Frankfurt. :-(

  17. next week is a hell week, 5 days full of exam..-.-"

  18. Finally home in Maine!!! No snow on the grounde though :- (

  19. Four days until I go home!!!!!

  20. Winter's here... Crap!!

  21. i'm at home right now!!!!! :)

  22. Should I buy a Soviet belt buckle?

  23. Only 3 more weekends left to scour the Yerevan flea market

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