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  1. I picked up this trench knife last night, it is in fair condition, can anyone help to ID this maker mark ?
  2. I know that this is an old posting, but in conversation this question came up. With this cylinder would it be used for a smoke charge, or to send a message from one trench to another ?
  3. Thanks for the information,I have found additional information which I would like to share with you guys about this shell. It is German 7.6cm Minenwerfer. This model is the message type with a cylinder that would contain a smoke charge (to tell the point of impact?) The "N" means "Nachrichtenmine" = message shell. The “TKD 18” is the manufacturer of the fuze in 1918. All in all it is just a neat shell,being well marked, and for a $60 trade ,I am happy with it.
  4. I got this shell in a trade from my buddy tonight, and need some help to ID it. It seem to be intact (w/out a charge),it is approx 10 1/2tall and approx 80mm in diameter. The Fuze is marked “LWMZ dr.2” and T.K.D.18. The top side of the shell is marked “2769” over “UU”. The center of the side of the shell is mark first line“1A”,second line “1483 round mark A 18”,third line “20 20 20”,fourth line SS UU ??. the side is also marked w/a letter N in black paint.The bottom side of the shell is marked “41.. the same round mark as above A A! 18 GGF 20 UU.I have look around on the web, but couldn’t find any information on it.
  5. Could someone help me to ID this pennant, it does appear to be Imperial, but I am not sure. It is two sided and is a little moldy
  6. I have been looking for a crank handle bayonet for a while. I have learned that any time that you look at a crank handle you have to start with the fact that it is a fake and hope to find a good one. It looks good to me also, but it does not have any acceptance marks? Could it be a private purchase? The guy want 200 us dollars for it and I may go for it.
  7. What do you guys think about this crank handle bayonet? I have seen some pretty bad fakes, but this one look pretty good to me, it got the right look and feel to me. The blade is marked “GESETZLICH GESCHUTZT" and “DEMAG DUISBURG”.
  8. I had a friend who collect WW2 patches, when he look at the 94th Aero Squadron patch; he said that all of the 94th patches should be a round patch? He said that the 94th and the Lafayette Escadrille patch could be enlisted-men patches .Could he be right, do they appear original to you guys?
  9. Thanks for the great information. I normally don’t collect WW1 Patches, but when I saw them they just looked neat, I gave $70 US for the lot, did I over paid(again)?
  10. I picked these WW1 (I think) patches up tonight. Can anyone help me to ID them? The first two are machine embroidered onto wool. The other ones are machine embroidered onto cotton.
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