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  1. And further to my last - with the scraping of the Harrier what is going to happen to all the Fleet Air Arm fixed wing engineers, armourers etc and pilots? If those trades fall into the bracket for the 5,000 that are being made unemployed where is the experience going to come from in 10 years time, especially at the Senior Rate (NCO) level? And it isn't just the Ark - all 4 Type 22 frigates are going, Illustrious or Ocean are possibles to be mothballed, either Bulwark or Albion are to be mothballed and so is one of the RFA Bay class landing ships. And if no other wars flare up in the meantime, come 2015 the Army will have no major overseas commitments apart from approx 1000 troops down the Falklands while the Navy will still be expected to maintain standing patrols in the Falklands, Med, Indian Ocean, Gulf, Falklands & West Indies which is stretching the fleet now let alone with fewer ships in a few years time.
  2. Not only Ark Royal but all the Harriers are being scrapped with immediate effect so the Royal Navy will not have a strike capability (or any fleet air defence capability) until 2020. HMS Queen Elizabeth is due in service in 2016 but fitted only for helicopters and when HMS Prince Of Wales comes into service in 2019/20 she will be fitted for aircraft and Queen Elizabeth will be mothballed and possibly sold after just 3 or 4 years service. And 4 frigates are to be taken out of service in the next 10 years bringing the Destroyer/Frigate figure down to just 19 in service. If I lived in the Falklands I would be very worried for the next 10 years. It doesn't matter which party is in government, the Navy has always been the easiest target and usually comes out of the Defence shake-up worse then the other forces. Meanwhile the UK donates £1 Billion to India per year as foreign aid while that country builds 2 aircraft carriers and buys the MiGs to go on them, not to mention their other fleet building projects.
  3. Thinking about it I would agree with Busch. I base this on the last letter in his signature as I have seen other signatures where the 'h' looks like that.
  4. Recent addition to my collection is this stunning Waffenrock to a member of Panzerabwehr Abt 20. I only have 2 Waffenrocks in my collecton but I think they are a very underrated type of tunic compared to the other types.
  5. Thanks for the comment Gordon. Considering that this is the first soldbuch grouping I have obtained to a Panzer crewmember it is hard to see how I could top it with the exception of getting a similar one to a soldier awarded the PAB 25/50, and such a set would be way outside my price range.
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