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  1. I have 2 questions with regards to the archive having never used it before. Firstly, would it upload a file/database compiled on an Excel Spreadsheet, and secondly if I was to post a file (of any format) is there a facility that allows me to edit that post so I can remove an old file and replace it with a more updated version as and when needed?
    I ask as I am currently working on a large name/position Excel Spreadsheet database of officers who served with Inf.Rgt Großdeutschland (and subsequent designations) down to Kompanie and even, where possible, Zugführer level. It isn't ready for posting as there is still a fair amount of work to do on it but with such an undertaking it will probably always be a work in progress as new names are discovered and added/amended/deleted etc so if I did post it (and I do intend to share the database when the time is right) on X Day would I be able to replace it on Z Day having found some new entries since the original version was posted?

  2. I think such things as cellphones and emails have been a great invention but I would be interested to see as a social experiment how people would cope today if they were withdrawn and it was back to the reliance of snailmail and suchlike for an extended period of time, especially those who have no or little experience of life without such modern methods of communication.
    I remember, not so long ago really - in the last 20 years anyway - when we used to deploy on 7 month operations (I'm ex-Royal Navy) and the only contact with those at home was postal mail. Periods between mail drops could be anything from a few days to 3 weeks (and sometimes even more if the mail to the ship was directed to the wrong destination, i.e. ship is in Dakar, Senegal while the incoming mail was sent to Dakha, Pakistan!) But now those on deployments start griping if the email connection is offline for more then 24 hours and if the ship ever goes to within 10 miles of a coastline then numerous people suddenly appear on the upperdeck with mobile phone in hand.

  3. Well the way I was proposing was that the database is compiled of known signatures, so for instance I have a citation signed by General X and I know it is General X so the image of his signature (along with either the whole document or at least with the unit stamp and date) is posted with a little amplifying information along the lines of 'General X - RK 19/12/1942 - Commanding Officer 123 Div Jan to Feb 1943 / Commanding Officer AG Mitte Feb to Mar 1943 etc - KIA 01/01/1945' or something like that. So the search of the database is kept simple and done by name. Including the unit in the amplifying information in the post will also help people search if they locate another citation to that unit and within that timeframe and wish to compare what they have to what is in the database.
    If it is possible then there is always an option of also having a thread for people that have a signature but can't decipher it to post it asking for help. If it is deciphered by a member and it isn't already in the database then it can be added (with the owners permission of course).

    In the last few days since my first post the viewing figure for the signature database on the World War Militaria forum has increased from 10,470 to 10,813 - an increase of 343 which is some going considering that it isn't a well known forum. Viewing figures for the signature thread on AHF is currently at 49,139 so the very few signature databases out there do seem to be a well used resource.

  4. I'd be happy to help in any way I can but when it comes to Allied or Imperial German signatures I wouldn't know what is a forged signature and what isn't, but I'd certainly be happy to write an introduction - and if a similar section is set up in the TR Document section then links to the other signature section(s) could be added in the introductory posts.
    I agree that a 'cross boundaries' section/thread would be a great idea but how many British collectors visit the TR Doc section and likewise for the TR collectors visiting the British section hence a signature section in each relevant Document section with a link to the other, unless such a signature database was set up in an all encompassing section of GMIC - GMIC Projects for example with seperate threads within that 'Signature Database' Project to cover each of the British, Allied, TR German etc arenas. Just a thought.

  5. Irish Gunner - that is the beauty of such a database. Whether you have 1 or 100 contributions to make you could have signatures that other collectors might also have on a document but have drawn a blank trying to identify, Recently I saw a Totenkopf soldbuch that has a signature of a Kompanie Cdr called Franz Fillerbock. Now in terms of awards won he didn't win anything major that I can find out but he was KIA in 1944 and no doubt his signature appears in other soldbucher which other collectors might own but might not of been able to identify for one reason or another, and Wehrpasse & Soldbucher are great places to find the signatures of DKiG & RK winners.

    Mervyn - I was unsure whether to post this question in a blog or in the actual forum but seeing as I hadn't started a blog before I thought I'd stick it here so to speak. As you say it could be an idea to start such signature databases in each relevant area, i.e. British Documents, Imperial German Documents, but as my area of collecting interest is Third Reich paperwork it isn't really my place to suggest something for someone elses area as I wouldn't want to tread on someone elses toes. But if that were to happen then it could be a great way to make GMIC the 'one stop shop' for signature databases in the world of forums. Again, if others have a view of such databases in other sections then please add your views - but again, when it comes to non-TR signature databases I don't wish to step on anyones toes as it would be others regulating them.

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