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  1. Communist Hungary - Bantustan Transkei
  2. April Fools Day in Time of Cholera. Let's maintain cleanliness, stay optimistic and try to keep a sense of humor))) Washing Mashine - Vanuatu
  3. Afghanistan - Azad Hind provisional government
  4. Jim, it's a great set! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Could you post the close-up of the star #10? Thanks in advance.
  5. Oldenburg - Venezuela FA as Friedrich August FAV as Fuerza Aérea Venezolana
  6. Mirror, mirror on the wall! Part 3: Croatia (order "Ban Ivan Mazuranic", the unrealized project) - Peru (military combatant's medal "Andres Caseres")
  7. The name of this medal means "Homeland war memorial". It wasn't the civil war.
  8. Socialist Republic of Romania (Gold Star medal of the Hero of the SRR) - Republic of Azerbaijan (order of the Courage)
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