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  1. I know some people who got it for less than that... But thank you for the correction VETERAN, you were correcte on the Carte du Combattant. 3 months in combat it is.
  2. You are almost correcte on the description, just to add a little more if I may, the Campains of Napoleon in North Africa are responsible for this name anyway, the first soldiers at the time were wearing long black socks.....so the name Pied Noir was adopted by the local. Later on, You had to be born in Algeria from French parents to be called a real Pied Noir. I need to make a correction, yes, the "Evil Colo" were like the US Army during the Indian Campains or during the Pacification of the Philipines. During this time of North African Colonisation of 1839 to 1870, two third of the Algerian po
  3. No problem, this is not my style anyway to joke on people past, I buried mine when I was 18, he was a Colonel at the time. PEACE.
  4. I was under the impression that you father was a late WW II veteran as well , sorry for that, just trying to give some feedback....
  5. You welcome, Paix a ce sodat...( may he rest in peace.)
  7. BATTLE OF PIAVE, ITALY, the French, British and US fought in this area in 1918... He may be got his medal from that area...
  8. Thank you Bison, you are so correcte !! Bataillon Coree, I knew some non-commisioner Officers in the 70 who had tons of decorations when they came back from Korea...
  9. Francois

    Help PLEASE!

    Music de l'Arm?e de terre, WW I ??
  10. Tr?s belle m?daille ..
  11. You have a little of everything here, Paras, Infantry Colonial, Armor even Air Force may be...
  12. Have you try to research Italian Military Medals for sale, type in Italian first....
  13. This is correcte, anybody under the rank of Sous-Lieutnant, even and Caporal can,( he better be shot in the leg first)... My Grand-Father got it was he was Adjudant-Chef.
  14. I am sorry I did not seen the form, thank's. Very nice medals by the way...
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