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  1. Hello BlackcowboyBS, who was the supplier of the set? Is it marked on the backside, or on the box? How can the badge be attached? Can you provide an image from the backside? Thanks
  2. Is it possible to get an image from the box?
  3. Hello Ilja559, thanks I got my book as well. There are not so many images in. And nothing is colored. I have to read the text carefully.
  4. Hi Michael, yxou have to answer to some topics. After four or five everythin will go.
  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I checked your link. Beautiful images.
  6. Hi Will, a very nice collection.. I like the way you show then (Very good display) :love:
  7. Hallo Frank, hello to all. I like to show the "military version in box" left side and the "civilian version in box" right side. Hope you enjoy it. These items are also for swap.
  8. Hello to all, is somebody interested to swap: I have ALL modern "unit patches" and like to swap "US ribbon bars, miniatures and medal decorations". I really have the lastest things "european battlegroup" "Nato response force" and a lot more.
  9. Hello Herman, what a nice medal and histroy congraculation. Elvis
  10. Hi Michael ... Medal that works Bye Elvis Note: I collect US Orders and Miniatures and ribbon-bars Do you like to swap?
  11. Elvis


    Hello Emmanuel, I like your medals - they are very nice. Elvis
  12. Hello Alf, I am sure these to itemes are for Lybia Libyen. Thanks Elvis
  13. Hello, I am sure that Sweden is using this period a simlar item (woven one). Your item is hand embroidered. Tks lpr19e
  14. Hi Lorenzo, what a great chart. I love it. If you hav something to swap, pls pm tks lpr19e
  15. Hello, i know, this was done by the germany supplier. Thanks lpr19e
  16. Sorry, here is the image .....
  17. Hello Emmanuel, thanks for sharing. Here is mine Tschad Civic Merit Order 1. Class Hope you enjoy it. Thanks Elvis
  18. Hello to all, I have some police badges (textiles) for swap or sale. Like to get some miniatures for the US. Please sent pm thanks Elvis
  19. Hello oatome, thanks for sharing these special things. I love it. Btw: The ribbon bar is not the same ranking as the medalgroup. Is the ribbonbar a slider system? Or ... Elvis
  20. Hello Emmanuel, thanks for sharing this eyecandy. I love it. Elvis
  21. Hello eitze, sorry you are on the wrong way. The new "Einsatmedaille Gefecht" looks very similar to the standar "Einsatzmedialle", but they have to make another tool. Because the egale is smaller an for the colors they need an extra line between. So it is really stupid. If the spent the money for another tool, they could also change their hole design. But they don`t. Keep in touch. Elvis
  22. Hello Stuart, sorry for my bad english. "real leather" means a piece of leather from the skin of a deer or beef or another animal. So it is different from "artificial leather" which can be manufactured - from pvc - in a company. Is it clear now? Hope so. Elvis
  23. Hello Kev, in my opinion it is not usually to engrave the medal, like they do it in the states. Cheers. Elvis
  24. Hello Frank, it is just one class (golden like the images). You get it if you are in a mission like ISAF AND if you are in a combat like "troops in contact". You earn this medal additionaly to your medal for ISAF-mission. Thanks Elvis
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