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  1. AS everyone has said, not easy to find, and when you do someone else has normally got it!!!
  2. Thread resurrection. The unmarked DLV badge here is bigger than the rest, the wing span especially. Was this a different variant? I quite like the badge To be honest I quite like all of them
  3. Hi Gentlemen Picked up these 2 25 year Carl Wild marked DHV stickpins. With the non TR item the White strip goes in another direction, is someone able to let me know why this is? Was this before done before Adolf and friends or after Adolf and friends departed? Thanks in advance
  4. Pagan

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    Good luck Boss
  5. This one had quite a bit of rust of it, so I had to try and tidy her up a bit.
  6. This is only my second Turnerbund tinnie. Like this due to the eagle and the makers sticker on the back.
  7. Hi Lambert For me I have had no issue when buying from them Nice medal bars, now I have this urge to track down a KVM medal bar.
  8. There was a brief note on the news about the awarding of medals to the NZSAS. I could not find anything on the NZ Defence force site, maybe I didn't look hard enough. But I did find the info here https://www.national.org.nz/news/news/media-releases/detail/2014/12/08/gallantry-awards-recognise-nzsas A nice read.
  9. This little beauty is 24.9mm at its widest point and 29.5mm tall. This is the smallest tinnie I have acquired so far
  10. Very nice and also goes to prove that patience is the name of the game in this hobby
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