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  1. I think the Italians raised 3-4 battalions of Albanian militia and some irregulars during WW1 on the Salonika front. Irregulars, the coloured illustration from the Italian Pinterest,not sure where its originally from.
  2. Photo posted last year by a fellow member, although they look like army rather than gendarmerie.
  3. Local village militia or home guard ? Some issued with cotton/canvas ammunition bandoliers.
  4. Interesting reply Nick, would there be any photos of 1939 Khalkin Gol Mongolian era officers showing the pre 1944 (bastion/spearhead shaped) cuff insignia ? I know they had various 1-3 or4 upward pointing chevrons in white , gold and blue. Never know how many chevrons for each rank though - 2nd lieutenant, lieutenant, captain, major , colonel , probaly blue for junior ranks . Ranjit.
  5. Hello , does anyone have a copy or access to - "Army of Republic of Armenia 1918-1920" by Murad Karapetyan. Ranjit.
  6. Hello, does anyone have a copy or access to this book ? Army of Republic of Armenia 1918-1920 written by Murad Karapetyan published in 1996. Ranjit.
  7. Hello Tsend, thanks for replying , great photos and illustrations, regards Ranjit.
  8. Hello, has anyone come across any photos of the 1918-21 Mongolian peoples revolutionary army ? Did they wear mongolian costume or Soviet uniforms ? I think i have seen a photo of Marshal Choibelsan in red army uniform and schlem. Ranjit.
  9. Excellent photos gentlemen, are there any photos of members of the Tuvan army wearing any medals- orders (1930s-44) ? Ranjit.
  10. Thankyou for replying Tony and Kevin , your links are very usefull. Ranjit.
  11. Hello, does anyone know of any websites that have photos of mk 6 and 7 gas mask bags , especially any rear or side views ? Ranjit.
  12. Hello, when Montenegro was under Italian control various anti - partisan militias / armies were raised. Does anyone know if they were issued or wore any uniforms? any photos? Feb 1942 -National army of Montenegro and Herzegovinia Sept 1943 - National militia Dec 1943 Montenegrin national troops (reformed) Ranjit.
  13. Hello, does anyone know of any militaria / military history forums in the Czech Republic? Ranjit.
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