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  1. This is order of pillars of the state, but it can`t be 4th class badge, since 4th class should be gold gilded. So this could be 8th, 7th or 6th class (depending on the number of bars at the ribbon) badge.
  2. Military Merit Medal 1954
  3. Russian bronze. For those who did not participate in the battles, as well as for those who were in areas where martial law was declared. German bronze. For all participant of war in East Asia. So both bronze medals perfectly fit this medal bar.
  4. Nice photo. Two medals are Medal for Liberation of North China 1950
  5. Light bronze - лицам, не участвовавшим в боях, а равно и находившимся в местностях, объявленных на военном положении. Original regulation.
  6. Chris, bronze version wasn't issued exclusively for combtants. Bronze - für alle Teilnehmer an den kriegerischen Ereignissen in Ostasien (Bekämpfung des Boxeraufstandes vom 30. Mai 1900 bis 29. Juni 1901), sowie auch für die bei der Kranken- und Verwundetenpflege in dem Kriegsgebieten tätig gewesenen Personen beider Geschlechter. Die Denkmünze aus Stahl erhielten alle Personen, welche an den Vorbereitungen zur Aufstellung und Entsendung der deutschen Streitkräfte beteiligt waren, ebenso die Besatzungen der Transportschiffe deutscher Reedereien von Truppen- und Kriegsbedarf nach und von Ostasien. Take care, Nick
  7. Ministry of Communication order. Direct heir of this ministry https://www.post.gov.tw/post/internet/index.jsp
  8. Correction. Not most likely, but most definitely P.S. Just in case. This is a fake breast star. Original breast star looks like this .
  9. Most likely he has higher class (breast star) of this award from the ministry of communications. He got it during his service in China somewhere around 30s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-German_cooperation_(1926–1941) Regards, Nick
  10. This is 功績章 - merits/achievements badge from 財團法人日本消防協会 - Japan Firefighting Association
  11. It's not unusual. By the way, during WWI 36th took part in the Siege of Tsingtao.
  12. No photo around. Only info that you already know 佐久間八郎Sakuma Hachirou(機11、36/62千葉).機関少佐. 1903.4/27少機関士候補生 03.12/28少機関士 05.1/12中機関士 06.1/26機関中尉 07.9/28機関大尉、浅間分隊長>第1駆逐隊機関長09.12/28宇治機関長 14.12/1機関少佐 15.12/1予備役. All involved (with the court rank above sonnin) got one. Gold versions were issued for imperial family members.
  13. Yes, this is one of the few possible variations Both orders are correctly attributed. Both look like 100% french made.
  14. https://www.omsa.org/view-image/?imageid=5144&catid=606
  15. Somewhere around 500 bucks.
  16. P.S. 赤胆 from 赤胆忠心 - chìdǎnzhōngxīn lit. red-bellied devotion (idiom); whole-hearted loyalty; to serve sb with body and soul
  17. Hi Kel, nice original 3rd class Order for Bravery from warlord of North China Zhang Zuolin https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhang_Zuolin Made in bronze. Diam. around 63-64 mm. Best, Nick
  18. Impossible to tell with certainty by these photos. R-J war compaign medal is in the wrong place . Red Cross medal looks like aluminium one and (if it really is) it`s not good.
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