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  1. Fire brigade. 永年勤続功労章 - long distinguished service badge Pretty common badge.
  2. Irkutsk https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Иркутск Military Tribunal of 18th corps https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/18-й_стрелковый_корпус
  3. Case is original to the badge. Same story with the pin. As per today the manufacture of this variation is unknown to me. Badges in black lacquer cases were manufactured by Naigai Medal Co., Tokyo.
  4. Unfortunately this is a modern chinese fantasy fake.
  5. Made by Kobayashi lacquer shop, Tokyo. Best, Nick
  6. 東京消防褒賞 - Tokyo fire fighting service award 平成九年度 - 1997 Document for this badge. Way of wearing.
  7. Nice group Bob. "Боловсролын тэргүүний ажилтан" хүндэт тэмдэг = badge of honor "Leading Worker of Education"
  8. Tom after the end of coronation the name of this group has been retained but it became just another para-military youth organization. See https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/立命館禁衛隊
  9. In the absence of shoulder-belt or ribbon the easiest way to fix such badge to the unform will be sewing. Next to the easiest way will be making two holes in the uniform and fixed the badge by piece of wood that fits the loops.
  10. Well, it`s not very rare. One of the few known variations. Another two variations (by reverse)
  11. This marking has nothing to do with cockades. Кокарда/сockade https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Кокарда vs. Опознавательный знак Российских ВВС/Aircraft marking of russian airforce https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Опознавательный_знак_Российских_ВВС
  12. At obverse 禁衛隊 - Imperial Guards [protecting the emperor] Corps 立命館 - Ritsumeikan [university] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ritsumeikan_University At reverse 中学校 - middle school Under the lower loop you will find the mint mark. About their activities https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/立命館禁衛隊 A short excerpt from
  13. No, it is not. A brief history of RF cockades https://forma-odezhda.ru/encyclopedia/armiya-rossii-znaki-emblemy-kokardy-na-golovnye-ubory-vooruzhennyh-sil/ Order №300 from 22.06.2015 http://base.garant.ru/71231082/
  14. Glad I could help you. By the way, the clouds in such cases very often bear the very same M mark at the ring and naturally cases for them were also manufactured in Japan. Regards, Nick
  15. Both cases are 100% original to the badges. This type of script was in use until late 1930s. It is another unfortunate misconception (to date cases with such style of script as exclusevly Meiji/Taisho epoch cases) that was created alongside with rules for dating higher classes of kite by riverts, rising suns by veins, etc, etc, etc. Best, Nick The easiest way to prove this point will be looking at the order of auspecious clouds that was created in April of 1934. Early orders have the exact type of script at the cases. Later it will transform to this style
  16. You will find basic info about this cross here https://www.rusempire.ru/rossijskaya-imperiya/nagrady-rossijskoj-imperii/147-opolchenskij-krest.html
  17. 片寄實一郎 - Katayose Ichirō Superior private, infantry P.S. I bet the kanji at cases are gold P.P.S. Some of the orders could bear M mark.
  18. Nice group from early days of China Incident. The same date for such combinations of awards quite usual (actually standart) story
  19. This is 井 / i / Unidentified as per today.
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