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  1. P.S. Basic info about 奏任官 / sōninkan https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/奏任官
  2. The back of the photo reads November 3, 1899 天長節撮影 - photographed at Emperor's Birthday 従六位 - Junior Sixth Court Rank 勲六等 - 6th class [order of] merit (so now we know that he is wearing 6th class sacred treasure order) 伊谷脩 - Itani Osamu Best, Nick
  3. He is wearing court uniform for civil official. There were three highest subcategories of civil officials. Imperial appointees / 勅任官 / chokuninkan Non-Imperially appointed senior officials / 奏任官 / sōninkan Junior officials / 判任官 / hanninkan He is Sōninkan. Original line drawings for Sōninkan uniform. This is how it looks en personne.
  4. 阪(?)井 - Sakai + 鴨緑江 - Yalu river https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yalu_River 軍工兵大隊 - army engineer battalion 征露記念 - in commemoration of conquest of Russia
  5. 新井 - Arai 野施兵 - field artillery 第十八聯隊 - 18th Regiment 谷川 - Tanigawa 満期記念 - in commemoration of discharge
  6. 海軍滿期記念 - in commemoration of full-term service (completion) in the Navy 池田 - Ikeda 退営記念 - in commemoration of demobilization 歩兵第九聯隊 - 9th Infantry Regiment 寺本 - Teramoto
  7. Well, I don`t currently have the first edition of his book, so I can`t look it up. But what I know is that first two volume set was published back in 2010 in Izhevsk. And indeed at page 156 there was a part devoted to the K.A.G. crosses (described simply as "K.A.G. marking"). Now if my memory serves me right the very first time he mentioned Franz Kühmayer as a possible owner of the K.A.G. mark was at the Feldgrau forum back in 2012 https://www.feldgrau-forum.com/threads/ek2-1914-hersteller-k-a-g-800.28885/ Back then he wrote: Falls mir gelingen wird, die
  8. Well, not exactly. We are talking about two different editions of his multi-volume work. The early one was published in two volumes. The later one was published in four volumes.
  9. In the last edition of his book (Vol. 2, p. 28) these crosses described as follows. 15.0. K.A.G. mark 1st class iron crosses made by an unidentified firm ...
  10. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Винекен,_Александр_Георгиевич https://ria1914.info/index.php/Винекен_Александр_Георгиевич http://www.belrussia.ru/page-id-7246.html
  11. 30 mm (full size breast stars for 1973 type of the order have diameter around 72 мм). Again the same story regarding the official awarding sets - no mini breast stars in sight (only ribbon bar and lapel badge).
  12. Yes, this is another 30 mm miniature breast star. Only this time it is breast star of order of military merit 2nd class(Eulji/을지). I will post such star a little later.
  13. TR = Trimmer MMR = Mercantile Marine Reserve
  14. Quasi rare gold badge. From collection of State Historical Museum. Eduard workshop.
  15. You certainly set an example of how maddeningly difficult it can be ...
  16. This happens. Nothing alarming.
  17. Original breast star made by Eduard workshop sometime between 1908 and 1916.
  18. We`re gonna need the pictures
  19. Current structure of the order. 5 classes (with 1st class in two grades Grand Gwanghwa and Gwanghwa). + Diplomatic Service Medal
  20. Good to hear Lars. Regards, Nick
  21. P.S. The quality of your information is quite amazing and prefectly matched with the brazenness of your suggestions. March 17, 2019 Louis Gallois https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Gallois right after he was awarded with 2nd (Heungin) class.
  22. I guess this is some kind of unofficial medal for those who corresponds to the credo postulated at obverse. By the way, the original credo of Povilas Višinskis. "Mūsų idealas: laisva, neprigulminga Lietuva, nusikračiusi nuo svetimų ir savų despotų, pamynusi po kojų tamsybes, išvien su kitomis liuosomis tautomis rūpinasi apie pagerinimą savo ekonomiškojo būvio ir žengia pirmyn“. This medals appears on the market with and without ribbon bars. Usually ribbon bars bear the names of different localities. Second variation of this medal is known (unnumbered, unmarked, with pe
  23. This medal was manufactured in Vilnius by the Alpera workshop http://www.alpera.lt/ and bears it mark.
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