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  1. I was really really surprised to discover this photo in that old box of photos and clippings. I almost threw it all away as a dumb purchase. No one I know has ever seen anything like it. Thank you for the very interesting context information.
  2. I shared this photo years ago. Today I enhanced it with Luminar 4 and this is the way it looks now. It was in a box of old photos I bought at the Dry Bridge Flea Market. I didn't expect to find anything good but I came across this. Enjoy taking a good close look. It's very fragile but now it's saved forever. I think the staff fourth from the right may be aa guidon but that's only a guess.
  3. I haven't been active here in a long time. Mostly, life got in the way. But I just returned from Tbilisi again and I have a few new things I want to share, a couple of which may not have been seen on this forum before. I see that a lot of things have changed here in the last several years. First up is this badge commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Georgia State Militia, so 1931 I suppose. I can't find it in any of my references. Maybe someone here can help. About 15,000 in the militia at this time and (I'm told) only about 200 of these issued. Numbers from a Georgian histori
  4. Any new thoughts on the little Red Cross badge?
  5. You’re quite welcome. I’ll try to get some others posted here.
  6. Nick Here's one that you might like, especially if you collect Osoaviakhim.
  7. Icebreaker? Saphire? I have several nice cigarette cases. Do you collect them? This is a particularly handsome example.
  8. I'm away from home but I have a good one. If this topic is still open next weekend I'll post it for comparison. I'm skeptical about this one but no one else has responded.
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