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  1. You’re quite welcome. I’ll try to get some others posted here.
  2. Nick Here's one that you might like, especially if you collect Osoaviakhim.
  3. Icebreaker? Saphire? I have several nice cigarette cases. Do you collect them? This is a particularly handsome example.
  4. I'm away from home but I have a good one. If this topic is still open next weekend I'll post it for comparison. I'm skeptical about this one but no one else has responded.
  5. This past winter. He's a pretty good friend. We made a trade that I told him was way too much in my favor. He told me he wanted me to have this framed painting so there you are. He is pretty famous and a number of people collect him so it's not like he has any trouble placing his paintings. This one has a prominent place in our home. So does the Guadalcanal painting. He has done a LOT of Civil War and Old West paintings. He's been featured on the cover of Old West and Civil War magazines several times. Don has a cabinet of prints that he no longer bothers with. Three are hanging in our home. I have many of them on a thumb drive. Maybe I should share them here, too. They are also for sale way too cheap because he just got bored with prints. I appreciate the chance to share his art here.
  6. Painting by Don Prechtel. From my collection.
  7. Very realistic. Great picture!
  8. Thank you for sharing these. Your work is unforgettable.
  9. Don is wonderfully talented and a fine historian. His passions are reflected in his art.
  10. I invite your attention to the painting Marine On Guadalcanal just posted in the Military Art forum.
  11. Marine on Guadalcanal - by Don Prechtel Oil on Canvas Original Uniform on loan from a WW2 Marine veteran From My Collection
  12. <<if a Russian buyer thinks he has paid too much for an item it also mysteriously becomes fake>> I wish that hadn't happened to me. But it did.
  13. It has been 6-1/2 years without a response to my question: Can anyone tell with any certainty whether or not this (posts 10 and 11) is an authentic example? Help a brother out here. Chuck
  14. Erors? You made erors? Give me substance over style every time. Well done.
  15. Oops. Photo won't post. I suspect operator error. Wiki link still works, though.
  16. This is Aleksander Nikolaevich Inauri, 1908 - 1993. WWII tank commander, HSU and eventual Soviet Colonel General and head of the Georgian KGB. This is his complete set of Supreme Soviet IDs and pins, from 1954 - 1984. After his death some unscrupulous quick-profit men bought his awards from someone in the family with access but perhaps not permission. They pretty much trashed everything else as junk. I bought everything else I could find in Tbilisi over the course of several years. That included these pins and IDS. I have a lot of his other stuff. Enjoy! (Photo By n/a - experti.ge, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17937416)
  17. Thank you, gentlemen. Every piece of information is more than I had. TacHel, thank you for the message.
  18. I've had this order for a number of years, 13 or so. I've started selling my collectibles and I think I'll list it on the bay. Problem is, I have no idea what it might be worth or even what level of award it is. I've seen so many on the 'net. The red enamel loss is obvious but the rest is very solid. Can someone please help me? I would appreciate any information at all.
  19. [Nine years later] Are you still around? Can you explain? I'm not even sure which order this refers to. Chuck
  20. I asked my friend Nik Nik about this. Here is what he had to say: It is part (the central detail) from a sign of the Life Guards Sankt Petersburg Regiment. I send you the description of a sign and its photo. The detail shown at a forum causes in me suspicion in authenticity as, brands on it don't correspond to the period of production of a sign. Such brands used in the 19th century, and a sign started doing after 1910. I don't comment on his explanations because a) he knows so much more than I do, and b) he is very seldom in error. For me (only), if he says that's what it is then that's what it is. Also keep in mind that English is his 7th (I think) language. Plus, he is a very, very good guy. Enjoy!
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