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  1. This medal is made of silver-plated brass. Lower quality medal made at a Mongolian Mint in early 1990s.
  2. Dear Mongolia collectors, We have opened a new Facebook group on Mongolian awards. The purpose of this group is to advance collectors' knowledge on the awards of Mongolia, particularly the awards of the Mongolian People's Republic. Any information on the Mongolian awards including the orders, medals, badge, their documents, etc. are welcome for discussion and viewing of the group members. We welcome you to join the group. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/963840806997172/
  3. Acquired these two Partisan Stars recently. Any info on them would be appreciated.
  4. Great and rare item related to the Battle at Khakhin Gol. Congrats! The inscription in Russian reads "To Political commissar P.S. Polyschuk for the combat preparation and courage displayed during the battle of Khalkhin Gol. October 1, 1939. From the People's Commissar (Minister) of Defense of USSR.
  5. Does anyone has any information on this type of Chinese Orders pertaining to the Republic of China from 1911-1927?
  6. Does anyone has any information on this type of Chinese Orders pertaining to the Republic of China from 1911-1927?
  7. Marshal Choibalsan talking to the best herders of 3rd conference of Best herders, 1948.
  8. Commander of Mongolian Air Force Major General M. Zaisanov taken with a Mongolian military pilot, end of 1945.
  9. An unknown arms technician serving the Mongolian Air Force bomber plane, circa end of 1930s.
  10. To provided some illustrations on Bob's posts: some rare pictures of 1930s Mongolian military pilots and technicians.
  11. here is the close-up photo of the reverse. Hope it works now.
  12. I have this North Korean badge but has no clue of the inscription on the obverse and reverse of the badge.
  13. This is a Honorary Badge of the People's Control and Oversight Committee. For many years, it has been a part of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party. The committee wielded power to receive grievances and "signals" from the people and send investigative commissions to identify, verify and report the problems and issues. The committee could hold the culprits accountable for the misdeeds or in serious cases, recommend to the law-enforcement institution for final decision.
  14. Border Guard Lt. Norpil Jambaa taken in 1945. Jambaa was awarded two Red Banners in 1939 for his actions in Khalkhin Gol. He was later bestowed the title of the Hero of MPR.
  15. Hero of MPR then Lt.Colonel Lodon Dandar with Soviet veterans of war. The Khalkhigol badge is well visible on Dandar's right chest. BTW, can anyone identify the Soviet veterans?
  16. My records indicate that this badge was awarded to Undrahyn Dorjpalam. He was a border guard troops junior officer at the Border Guard Unit #12. Congrats! Nice doc.
  17. A partisan of Mongolian 1921 revolution is viewing the memorial in Ulaanbaatar. Among many awards, he wears the Khalkhingol badge.
  18. Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dordog taken in 1942.
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