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  1. Thanks to everyone for the input. It's been very helpful.
  2. What all this is based on is that a local museum received a Nazi artillery officer's tunic. The donor said it was brought home by an uncle who was indeed taken prisoner in the Philippines (plenty of verification for this), and remained a prisoner until war's end. The donor then said his uncle was given the Nazi jacket upon his release as a sort of "final insult." I agree, it all sounds pretty unlikely, but that's the story so far. I'd never heard of such a situation, and wanted to see if anyone had ever heard of such an incident taking place. What makes it all stranger is that the insignia on the tunic show it to be that of a sergeant in Field Artillery Regiment 9, with ribbons denoting Iron Cross 2nd class and Winter campaign in the east 1941-42. Again, how would this tunic have found its way to Japan?
  3. I've heard a story about an American soldier taken prisoner in the Philippines in 1942, and upon his release in 1945, his captors gave him a Nazi officer's uniform to wear. I'd never heard of such a situation before. Was this known to happen, and if so, was it common?
  4. Sure. I'll get the tabs' reverse and the eagle, but I'm new to the terminology here, so what's an award loop? The uniform was not well stored for a few decades, and apparently moths found it. Also, there seems to be a lot of patches on the inside.
  5. Sure. But today's Saturday, so I won't be able to do it until Monday at the earliest.
  6. I have some insignia here from a WWII German uniform that I need some clarification on. Included are: 1. Shoulder strap with red piping, white and gold braid, one pip and the numeral 9. Some information I have shows it may be that of an first sergeant. 2. Sleeve insignia (may denote artillery) 3. Collar tabs (also may denote artillery NCO) 4. The photograph of the front of the jacket shows a breast eagle and, the part I'm wondering about, the ribbons in the German flag colors that are looped through what looks like an extra button hole and sewn to the inside of the jacket. I've never seen an arrangement quite like this. I work in a museum and we like to have these things identified for visitors. Any and all help will be appreciated.
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