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  1. Here is a grouping to Erich Bruhns SS Untersturmfuhrer
  2. Thanks Hucks I should have stated Jagd/as opposed to Jager.Thanks for the clarification this is not my area and any help is much appreciated. Cheers Kyle
  3. I have fortunately acquired a Soldbuch to Oswald Neidhart who was evacuated from the Cholm pocket to Helmstedt Lazarett.He was in the 2nd company Jagerkommando 8 and there is an entry for the 31st October 1942 awarding the Cholmshield.There is a stamp, albeit faint, for the Jager unit in green confirming the award. Unfortunately there is no photo of Neidhart which is a shame, nonetheless a rare bird.See attached pictures:
  4. Shows my level of knowledge regarding these....! Thanks guys.
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