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  1. ...this one is -belonging to the aspect of time and medals- very wide spread...maybe a station commander (?)
  2. Nice to find some pictures from my collection ;-) Regards, Matthias
  3. If you are interested I have a closeup of Eugen Baitinger, with a textbook Sturmgrenadier uniform. I have a second group from the same Wuerttemberg Unit (2. / Sturm - Btl. 15), Uffz. Georg Brenner, same as the Christian Binder group with Soldbuch, Wehrpass, pictures and a couple of other documents (and medals). The above shown printed form in the Wehrpass by the Sturmbataillon 15 is the same you can find in Brenners Wehrpass. Georg Brenner earned his golden bravery medal for the capture of some Americans in Summer 1918 in the Vosges. Unfortunately I have never seen an award document for an Iron Cross from this Unit (the award of the Wuerttemberg bravery medal was noted in Soldbuch, Wehrpass and certainly in the Stammrolle only, as you know). Matthias
  4. ...and here is another one, from Sturmbataillon 15: Christian Binder, 2. (wuertt.) / bayr. Sturm - Btl. 15, winner of the Wuerttemberg gMVM for the raid at the Tête du Violu (Violenkopf) with the codename "Entwaesserung" under the command of Lt. d. R. August Hauser, 09. March 1918. Later in June, while another raid with the codename "Jagd" he was wounded by handgranade splinters (and received the wound badge). The operation "Entwaesserung" was supported by the assault troops of Landwehr Regiment 30 (you show some pictures of them in another thread). In the below shown picture of a group of the 2. company (consists of staff from Wuerttemberg only) of the Sturmbataillon 15, I can also identify the Uffz. Eugen Baitinger from Stuttgart, he received the gMVM of Wuerttemberg in September 1918. (I have posted this photo approx. two years ago, but obviously nobody was interested in) Regards, Matthias
  5. ...and now, two years later, Cpl. Walter Herbert gets a face: The one in the middle (with the beer in his hand) is Walter Herbert.
  6. What could this be....a distance meter, a kind of a slide rule or...what? The only thing I can say that it is from a german company leader from the 1st world war. Any ideas? The below pics show both sides of this THING and it's cover Thanks Matthias
  7. :speechless1: really I wrote Sommer!! YES Dave you are right, of course originally I mean SONNTAG...and so this is another lesson how to keep your collector colleagues busy... Sorry + Thank you Matthias :whistle:
  8. Hi Christophe, you misunderstood me, there is no doubt about the ribbons whether it is Schwarzburg, Reuss or not. That Friedrich Sonntag had earned the above mentioned medals is (in my opinion) a clear point. And I am not affirmatif about the name because the group is direkt from his family (and I do not belief that he changed the surname nor is the family so large that the medals can be from another ancestor). Meanwhile I have found a Lt. Sonntag in 10. / IR 96. The second bataillon of IR 96 was the joint contingent of the Principality of Reuss older and younger line and was stationed in Gera, the birthplace of Friedrich Sonntag. The third bataillon was the joint contingent of Principality Schwarzburg Rudolstadt and Sondershausen. In cause of these special medal combination this unit was my first suspicion. According the regimental history "Sturmflut", from Arnold Bölsche, a Lt. Sonntag was from end of 1915 until begin of 1917 platoon- and company leader of the 10th company. I think this is the Sonntag I am looking for...BUT unfortunately there remains anyhow a litte doubt, because he is not mentioned in Dave's Reuss roll (Dave: is your Roll surely the accumulated Roll from both Reuss lines? ) and in the regimental history is no first name mentioned... Does somebody know if the Thuringian archive do have any Thuringian officier files from WW 1, or a Kriegsrangliste " war rank list" of the Thuringian regiments or were they only stored in the (burned down) prussian war archive? In this case we have really a "eldorado" in our Wuerttemberg archive. Best regards, Matthias Christophe, could you be so kind and show us your mentioned photo with the same combo? Is the inscription on the back maybe "Lt. Sonntag vom IR 96" that will help me a lot :D
  9. Dave, I get the ribbon bar, the accompanying medal bar and his name directly from the family....unfortunately no papers have survived only a personal photo from the sixties (certainly without wearing any decorations). Hmmm...so my suspicion (in fact of the combination of the Schwarzburg and the Reuss cross) the he was a member of IR 96 is not so solid...so I need next the regimental history of the RIR 82...but in my opinion he was too young for a Lt. d. L. ... Thanks for your help Dave! Matthias
  10. Hi, Please could me help somebody to ID the Unit of: Friedrich Sommer (* 1896) His medals: EK I EK II Schwarzburg Ehrenkreuz 3. cl. with X Reuss Ehrenkreuz 3 cl. with X below you can see ( a quick shot of ) his ribbon bar.... I have his name, but no unit and (unfortunately) I have no quick access to the necessary literature therefor...in my opinion he should have been a lieutenant in a Thuringian Regiment (96 ?) Maybe some of you can help me out with some data. Many thanks, Matthias
  11. Hi Tony, please, please have a look in your cellar!! I have searched for this unit history for a long time but with no result. From the substantial work of E. Mohr "Bibliographie zur Heeres- und Truppengeschichte des Deutschen Reiches und seiner Länder 1806 -1933" I have learned that no unit history of RIR 98 is existing...if there is something like a unit history of RIR 98 in your cellar this would be very interesting (for me at any rate)! Thanks for looking Matthias
  12. Hi Chris, I have had the same problems to research this unit. In my collection is the group of the company leader of the 11th company of RIR 98, Hptm. d. L. Hans List (he was the company leader at least until the end of 1916). Unfortunately I can give you only two additional informations next to the informations above: The regimental commander was Oberst Kommallein and the unit was on Hill 349 at July 1915 (because his EK doc. is accordingly inscripted) Best regards, Matthias attached you can find the medal bar of Hans List (he was from principality Hohenzollern)
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