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  1. I am now in Cameroon. Does anyone know of any good places to go medal hunting? Tim
  2. DERG riband dilema. Both the medals in the images below have been discussed in this thread before. My dilemma is about DERG era ribands. I have acquired several DERG era medals in the past that have the 'wrong' bars attached. I guess that the sellers just mix and match to get a better price if they have medals without bars and bars without medals. I think that the medals without ribands in the image here have the correct bars. I also think that the medal in the middle has the wrong bar but that the riband is the correct one for this bar. I believe this because of the 'factory' q
  3. Thanks Guy, I will follow up on that line of enquiry. Tim
  4. The one on the right is the Eritrea medal
  5. Images of Teachers Medals as promised although it would seem that I need to buy a better camera or steadier hands! Tim
  6. I married the enemy! Thinking about it, the ribbon for the Teachers Medal that I have described above is a dead ringer for the Medal of the patriot Refugees (Exile Medal). Recycling ribbons may be in vogue? Tim
  7. I am having a frustrating time with IT away from home. This morning I photographed my 3 'Honoured Education Professional' medals as illustrated by Owain three posts above. My laptop will not recognise my camera so I can't download them. They are now sitting on the desktop of my wife's laptop pending an opportunity to move them. As I sit in Tim Horton's in the backwoods of Quebec I am finding it all a bit of a struggle. I have the 'gold', silver and bronze. All three have the same script on the reverse and so there seems to be no indication of length of servoce for each. The ribbons a
  8. I have to say that it was a little while ago and I can't remember where I found it and I haven't been able to find it again. Perhaps it has been taken down. I had copied it onto a hard drive but that has been playing up. I put it into a computer shop in London a week or so ago to see what they could recover. Transitting through London today, I dropped in to see how they were doing in recovering my data only to be told that the hard drive was a write off. Along with 160,000 tracks of iTunes I have lost the this article as well as much else. Not a great day!
  9. Do I assume that is an ONUC medal on the wrong ribbon to the left of his Congo Service Medal?
  10. Frustratingly no - except for the ribbon (and that doesn't match any of the 3 that I have bought this medal on!). I found a document on the web by DRAGOMIR M. ACOVIĆ entitled "SURVEY OF AWARDS OF ETHIOPIA Beograd, 1996/1999, 2002. I have tried to identify the DERG period medals from the descriptions which, although not exactly the same seem pretty close. I may of course be wrong. What I really need to get hold of now are the references. The exact text reads as follows: MEDAL FOR NATIONAL SERVICE Médaille pour le service civile Zivildienstmedaille Medalja za gradjansko službovanj
  11. I have now identified the medal on the left with the cog, book and dividers as the Medal for National Service. Instituted by the DERG Decree 110/1977, amended and completed by Decrees 157/1979 and 169/1979 of 5th September 1979.
  12. Owain, That sounds like exactly the same ribbon as the one that I have on my copy. Very light material and with a slightly watered effect making the yellow a bit darker in the middle than at the sides. Mine seems like a good silver version. Tim
  13. Owain, I am interested to see that the 25th Anniversary of Liberation Medal is on a yellow ribband. I had previously only seen it on a red and white ribband and then last week I bought one in Addis in what I believe to be its original box of issue (no maker's name) with the same yellow ribband as in your photo. Thoughts? Tim
  14. Ulsterman, Are you still looking for one of these medals? Just back from Addis and I have spares - no ribband though. PM me if interested. It is Adowa Day today and as I was driving to the airport in a taxi this morning I passed a couple of dozen bemedalled Ethiopian veterans heading up the hill, presumably to St George Cathedral. i wish that I had the the time to stop and chat to them and take a few photos.
  15. The guy on the right looks like Maj Gen Carl Modey wearing the new(ish) style badges of rank.
  16. The ribbon of the Order is green with white and red edges. With Apologies to Ed Emering I nicked this image off his site: http://www.emering.com/medals/drc/index.html
  17. I have been collecting Congo and Zaire orders and medals as well as medals for service in that country for some years now. I have always found Katangan orders and medals hard to come by despite spending 3 years in the DRC. To my great surprise I found not one, but two medals of the Katangan Order of Merit when visiting Addis recently. One was in one of the shops on the Churchill Road and the other at a stall in the Merkato. I paid Birr 300 for each one - approximately US$16.50. The Katanga Order of Merit was created on 16 January 1961 by President Moïse Tshombe, to reward eminent ci
  18. And the reverse of the same group. I got them from an individual at the Kenyan School of Combat Engineering at Archer's Post and paid the princely sum of KSh3,000 or $35.
  19. This time last year I said that I would post an image of this group. Here is the obverse.
  20. No attempt to compete with Owain (how could I?) but here is part of my latest haul from Addis. I ended up buying over 40 items paying an average £12 each. Tim
  21. Very many thanks. I did check the OMSA site but didn't find either of these. I picked up the one on the left for Bir20 - less than £1.
  22. Ulsterman, Image attached of a couple of what I believe are DERG era medals but that I have yet to identify - any ideas? Tim
  23. Ulsterman, Your answer is a long time coming but your interest will be the Ethiopian wound medal.
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