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  1. Didn't have the guts to jump on it when it appeared as a buy it now item. Regret it now afterwards. Very nice patriotic sanke.
  2. Some new items. Metal device for officers epaulette. Enlisted mans shoulderboard.
  3. It's definitely NCO's from F?silier Reg 34. You can vaugley see there honorbandeu on their pickelhaubes. If you sometime will consider selling it I would be very intrested as I try to collect anything related to the regiment. Here is an old thread with some of it. I'll try to update it some time.
  4. So who got the one on .de? Has to be one of the nicest Godets I've seen, though the pictures might lie with this excessive light he used.
  5. You're right as usual, after a bit of thinking, I came to my senses and got on the right track.
  6. That would be a award from waldeck and I would guess it's an merit medal.
  7. What's your opinion on this sad little fellow? Can't find any obvious flaws, except his little shortcoming.
  8. The bar was already posted here http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=33113 . Maybe see if it could be moved here.
  9. Ah, so the group went to the Americas. I was just after you. Please post it when you got the time.
  10. Great pictures. Where have you picked all these up? Stefan - Post your(s). You know the one I'm talking about. :(
  11. Is the case just an ordinary? Anything on the lid? I've seen the most elaborate cases for patriotic jewellery from that time (I would say 10-20ties) and these are quite sought after.
  12. Is the father still alive? Would love to hear were he might have "picked" up this magnificent bar.
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