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  1. just 1 look ...that's a beauty ..100% period . K
  2. whow ,,nice one .. A type yes ,,,congratulations. K
  3. ​well I was hoping it would give relevant info ,,,but ,strange it is posted at all , thanks regards kay
  4. what dos it say ,,can you translate ? regards kay ( alias Montgomery Burns )
  5. there's a German documentary about the last day's in the Hitler bunker .. on the end researcher found the Russian secret service show the items taken from the bunker ,,amongst his and eva's jaw bones 2 uniforms are shown . one of them surely his cote and hat ,,,the Iron cross still hangs on that uniform so ▶ Death Inside Hitler's Bunker (2004) - YouTube you may be interested .... regards kay ( alias Montgomery Burns )
  6. nice cross ..pictures of the inner corners would be nice ,,thank you
  7. well ,its original now ? 100%Orig.EK2 1914 am Band,Eisernes Kreuz | eBay few years from now ,,its a rare variation . ?
  8. even with fakes , sides have to be discussed out . wrong and right ,,,hate it or not and so on . or is it just the ego's, keeping us away from doing something useful with the info ? regards kay
  9. ek fake production great brittan Replica Copy aged WW1 Imperial Iron Cross 2nd Class Medal moulded from original | eBay dont blame Poland
  10. mike y , wy don't you study the inner corners and try and find a matching frame . its a technique all collectors use ,and its important fore you as well to get experienced in . SW wood be my first look regards kay
  11. one can speculate so much about those kind off stuff I am just glad some off it is now confirmed to a maker a second thing came along thinking about it interestingly enough I ones where reading an artical about the impact off WW 1 on the jeweller world besides the economic problems ,,, amazingly telling about two highly regarded jewellers where drafted in to service and actually died during that period . but that book was more fore the throe jewellery artwork artist kind a jeweler. dont remember they're names ether ,but fore the trench art lead an interesting thing to know . as far as deutscher offiziers verein go's ,they to,, had difficulties as specialized craftsmen where drawn in to service . so ,yes ,,trench art is plausible enough , distinguishing What is made by who is the difficulty .
  12. well makes cence ,,surely soldiers where acoupied with a lot off other importand things in those trenches
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