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  1. What an incredible piece. A tunic like this should be seen by anyone who wants perspective on collecting.
  2. I bought the piece several years ago from Ken Richards in sydney, Australia. At the time, I think he was upgrading his collection, and was selling a few of his pieces. I note he no longer has anything for sale on his very nice website. It was pricey, at least for me, but not as high as what I see shako plates are commanding these days. I can only drool when browsing Bertrand Malveaux's catalogue. Maybe I can scrape enough up for a button or two.
  3. My photography skills are lacking. I'm afraid the flash kind of obliterated the fine detailing. Each wing feather is finely detailed with very fine feathering.
  4. The plate is a thin stamped brass, and may have been gilded at some point. It measures 8 x 11 cm.
  5. I will take some more pics this weekend. Thanks
  6. Ramblinfarms

    Napoleonic Art

    Very, very nice. I love portraits. I have a wonderful Czar Alexander II miniature on ivory attributed to the court miniaturist.
  7. Quite interesting. Anyone know what other awards were awarded to Napoleon? I do know that he awarded Alexander I the Legion of Honor. Did Alexander award any Russian medals to Napoleon at Tilset?
  8. That is a very good question Rick. there are just a handful of First Empire Dealers , among them Bertrand Malveaux in France. You get their catalogues and get a feel, but it is difficult to say what a rarer item such as this with a Waterloo provenance is actually worth. (I guess it is worth the asking price if someone pays it, but that is too rich for me.) It surprises me that there are not more collectors and widespread interest when you consider the subject of Napoleon. There are reinactors, and all the service industries that entails, but not many original dealers in this sort of militaria.
  9. Here is one of those pieces we do not see very often, from Premier Emperor in the UK Very Rare and 100% Original Old Guard Helmet Plate , taken from the Battle of Wateroloo 1815. The plate is in excellent condition and has a small paper label on the reverse saying ' From Waterloo. Capt.Charles Dav'. Superb Item and Very Rare. Only $6400.00 USD
  10. As with all Russian Badges and Awards: Quality, Quality and more Quality.
  11. Thank you for the reply, and yes, I agree with you. After looking through Bertrand Malvaux's Catalogue, I too have come to the conclusion that this plate is indeed Second Empire. Chris
  12. Another fantastic document.
  13. Well, after a whole bunch of research on the web, and in the books I have, I believe that it is safe to conclude that this is late, First Empire. I am awaiting some pictures of this device being worn pre-1815 from some French sources/References. I'll post them when I get them. Chris
  14. My camera is in Boston with my sister in law right now, but I will see what I can do. This plate was worn from about 1814 on according to my source. The problem as I see it is that Napoleon III used the same coat of arms as his uncle. I don't believe this is a Second Empire Plate, however. The Eagle is more of a First Empire style. The fastening points on the reverse are the tabs with the oval holes, which is a Napoleonic style. I am awaiting some pictures showing this worn. Rousselot (sp?) shows the plate to be just an Eagle on the pouch.
  15. Really really nice Claudio. Congratulations on these great items for your collection. Thanks for showing them to us. Chris
  16. I agree with Rick that bidding on something a fellow Forum member had been interested in is unsporting, but I am not above using Bid robot or one of the other snipers if I have been in it from the start of the auction. In this day and age, it seems like it is the only way to possibly win a "hot" item. After losing to several "in the last 5 seconds" of the auction, I added the sniper to my bag of tricks, as I am sure many here have also done. A lot of folks would be hesitant to admit it though.
  17. "Cheap" at twice the price! Did you get it?
  18. Barry: Those are beautifully done. I love clipped signatures, too. I have a framed signature with a 19th Century print of John Jay, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in my office. It gets a lot of attention. Thanks for sharing. Have you ever checked out "Profiles in History"? Expensive, but they have some amazing documents and autographs. Napoleonic items come up fairly regularly. Chris
  19. Trite comment, but Rick, you never cease to amaze me with the scope and depth of your knowledge! All of us on this Forum are wiser and more knowledgeable collectors thanks to your valuable input. Again trite, but Thank you for sharing. Again, what an interesting thread! Chris
  20. This is a very interesting thread Gentlemen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  21. Yet "Pirates" was a box office smash. go figure! I liked the movie as entertainment Yet Master and commander was just as entertaining, and actually taught something real as far as accuracy to the people who watched it.
  22. "Master and Commander" is a great film, too. The historical accuracy is wonderful. I have noticed that more recent war films are doing a good job with their research, compared to the earlier efforts. I know there are some goof-ups, especially if you are an "expert" on the subject, but the effort is there. Which is why "The Duellists" is such a great film. Even though it was done in the late 70's, you can really see Ridley Scott's efforts to make the film accurate. That is why he is one of my favorite Directors. "Gladiator" is another effort of his that is a tremendous film. I am in awe of his use of light and contrast. Chris Werner
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