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  1. Thanks Bayern, but I think that date is wrong. This is what I shared privately with Claudio, from a book on Bavarian spiked helmets issued by or based on the collection of the Bayerische armeemuseum in Ingolstadt. It puts the introduction at 18 April 1913 (with a 20 February 1914 extension to generals as honorary regimental commanders ("Regimentsinhaber") and Generäle a la Suite) and clearly mentions the absence of lauerelleaves as a feature of the new plate (which goes directly to Claudio's original question, and which is why I sent it to him). Kind regards, Sandro
  2. My pleasure Claudio, I hope things work out either way. Kind regards, Sandro
  3. Pleasure, Claudio. As you may have seen, I've meanwhile responded to your PM by e-mail, sending you a scan of two pages from the book I referenced. It is clear from the description of the relevant regulations given there that the plate should not have laurel leaves. I've also checked the pictures in my collection, and have not found any wartime or postwar "old boys gathering" pics of a helmet with laurel leaves being worn (and I've seen some oddities at post war gatherings orf retired generals). So I think the helmet at hand requires explanation. Hope this is of assistance. Kind regards, Sandro
  4. Ciao Claudio, There are several at Weitze: https://www.weitze.net/militaria/29/Bayern_Pickelhaube_fuer_Generale_nbsp__365929.html and https://www.weitze.net/militaria/53/Bayern_Pickelhaube_fuer_Generale__223253.html neither of them with laurel leaves. One of them shows you what the back of the plate should look like. Did you remove and check out yours (I'm always hesitant to do so, but it is important to tell real from fake these days)? And did you check fro possible "Doppellöcher" in the helmet's body, indicating it may have had a different plate at some point in time? Moreover, but is there any indication that the liner may have been replaced? Hard to judge from the pics, but its condition does not seem to match the condition of the helmet. Time permitting I'll go down to my library and dig out an excellent book I have on Bavarian spiked helmets. I'll let you know what I find. In the meantime, the only helmet with laurel leaves I found on Helmut's site is this cavalry/field artillery helmet: https://www.weitze.net/militaria/95/Bayern_Pickelhaube_fuer_einen_Reserve_Offizier_in_den_Chevaulegers_Regimentern_1_3_5_und_7_oder_der_bayerischen_Feld_Artillerie_Regimenter__361495.html But GM Martin Zöllner's M 1902 helmet I bought at Kube many moons ago does have laurel leaves. Perhaps yours is a M 1902 (basically with a standard infantry plate, but of higher quality, if memory serves) that the general upgraded on the introduction of the enameled plate in 1913: but it would require an inspection of the plate etc. to confirm that. Is it named anywhere? Zöllner's helmet has his name written in pencil on the inner body of the helmet, underneath the liner. Bayern and you are right about the color of the Beschläge: silver for generals, gold for medical generals and Generaladjutanten. Kind regards, Sandro
  5. Focusing on the numbered awards, the identification of 1, 2 and 3 strikes me as correct. Not sure about 4, though, given the round shape of the center - could 4 be an officers cross of the wuerttemberg crown instead? kind regards, Sandro
  6. Correct. I may still have Ken’s old pics somewhere. Am currently traveling, but will post them if I have them when I have returned. Kind regards, Sandro
  7. Pleasure Ian. Why not share the pic of von Bauerntal you say you have located? Von Bauerntal would have been 49 at the time of the pic, which seems possible. When was your pic taken? Anton Bauer was born in 1855, so he was 61 by the time the pic was taken - the man in the pic seems younger, but it is possible. As time permits I'll have a look atmy references to see if I can find anything to support or deny your thesis. Kind regards, Sandro
  8. Ian, So from the looks of it, based on the pic and the notation "GM" after the scribble, your man was a GM in July 1916, with a Bosnian horse called "Floch" (that is what I think "Mein Bosniaker" refers to), so possibly cavalry. Viktor Andreas Leopold Bauer Edler von Bauernthal would fit that bill: born 31.3.1867, died 24.11.1937, GM 1.11.1914, FML 1.11.1917, commander K.u.K. 10th Cavalry Division October 1915 - November 1918. I could not find a picture of the man, but he seems like a strong possibility. Was he amongst the Bauers you eliminated? I've checked for Rauch and a number of other possibilities, but I've not found anyone of general rank with the surname "Rauch", and could not identify other possible candidates. Hope of use. Kind regards, Sandro
  9. Thanks Ian. I should have a list of WW1 Austrian generals somewhere, will look for that and see If any names appear that look like the scribble on the back. Kind regards, Sandro
  10. If I’m not misstaken that is the post 1918 dated St. Georgs Orden uniform of Prinz Alfons, sold by Der Rittmeister (Ken Greenfield). I seem to recall the pants had a 1929 tailor label. Kind regards, Sandro
  11. Apparently, there is picture on the obverse of the good general - if so, why not share it, perhaps someone recognizes it? The reverse looks familiar - a German eBay find? Kind regards, Sandro
  12. Another pic of the interim baton in use, currently for sale on German Ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/352973648046?ul_noapp=true
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