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  1. Filfoster, See my post of 25 May 2020: DIENST- UND RANGABZEICHEN DER OFFIZIERE UND BEAMTEN der Königlich Bayerischen Armee 1806 bis 1918. W. Seibold / G. M. Schulz Kind regards, Sandro
  2. Hi Simi, That occurred to me, too, but he is not listed as a recipient in Die Theresienritter im Weltkriege, nor on the web. I'll have a look at other resources as time permits. Kind rergards, Sandro
  3. Freiherr’s ID looks to be correct: http://prussianmachine.com/diva/jehlin.htm Kind regards, Sandro
  4. Hi Karlo, perfect, thank you very much! Here is another Funke pic I won recently, signed and dated. Best, Sandro
  5. Like Bayern, as said, I don't think the collar and cuffs are French, because of their facing colour. I've checked Die deutsche Generale by MilitariaVerlag and Pietsch' Formationsgeschichte des preußischen Heeres, and based on that, don't believe they are German imperial, either. The double row of oaks leaves on the cuffs does not fit the general officer pattern in use in any of the states documented in those references (which amongst them, cover the period 1806-1918). The facing color seems closer to that used by general staff, but the emboridery does not fit patterns in use in the gener
  6. The pattern seems to emulate that of the dark blue Prussian general’s gestickte Waffenrock in use up to 1909. Based on the pics, I’m not sure it is original, though: the embroidery on the arm patches is of a different pattern the Prussian model, acorns are embroidered, the leaves seem flat, not the almost 3 dimensional embroidery seen on originals, and the background color seems off (compare the first pic below for Ponceaurot without flash). Compare: https://www.militaria.at/ShowPageNew.aspx?id=634886745377944044 and the pics below. Any evidence of buttons having been present
  7. The though part of course is to stay focussed in the period in-between and safe your pennies for that one piece you really want ..... 😇 As Stefan says, we all struggle with that. .... But these straps go to the heart of your collection, so well done, your patience has paid off .... Cheers, Sandro
  8. I fully understand the excitement and anticipation, but that is no way to talk about your wife ..... 😇
  9. Perfect, many, many thanks Christophe. Chris, is this thread not worthy of a pin? This is one of the cornerstones of WWI imperial German order-collecting, in my view. Kind regards, Sandro
  10. Ah, German bureaucracy..... At least know for sure he was awarded the EK II ....
  11. Does anyone have a scan of/the text of the AKO of 16 November 1916 prescribing the use of gilded silver for imperial German awards formerly made in gold? I would like to check something with a view to a discussion on another forum. Many thanks and kind regards, Sandro
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