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  1. The though part of course is to stay focussed in the period in-between and safe your pennies for that one piece you really want ..... 😇 As Stefan says, we all struggle with that. .... But these straps go to the heart of your collection, so well done, your patience has paid off .... Cheers, Sandro
  2. I fully understand the excitement and anticipation, but that is no way to talk about your wife ..... 😇
  3. Perfect, many, many thanks Christophe. Chris, is this thread not worthy of a pin? This is one of the cornerstones of WWI imperial German order-collecting, in my view. Kind regards, Sandro
  4. Ah, German bureaucracy..... At least know for sure he was awarded the EK II ....
  5. Does anyone have a scan of/the text of the AKO of 16 November 1916 prescribing the use of gilded silver for imperial German awards formerly made in gold? I would like to check something with a view to a discussion on another forum. Many thanks and kind regards, Sandro
  6. I'm inclined to follow Chris on this - a Legitimation is not an award certificate, and he may be that Oppelt sought to justify/document entitlement by reference, first to his time in KUK IR 94, and then to his time with the KUK Fliegerersatztruppe. Whether time before December 1916 counts for eligibility for the Karl Truppenkreuz will depend on the rules/statutes governing that award - but if it did, that may explain the IR 94 Legitimation. Kind regards, Sandro
  7. 1915 predates the date of the cross’ institution in December 1916, after Karl had ascended to the throne(s). Are you sure the date is correct/the Urkunde is in fact for a Karl truppenkreuz/is genuine? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Troop_Cross Kind regards, Sandro
  8. Generalfeldmarschall von Mackensen als Inhaber des K. u. K. österreichisch=ungarischen Husaren=Regiments König Friedrich Wilhelm III. von Preußen Nr. 10 https://www.deutsche-digitale-bibliothek.de/item/C4C5N3EK5WS3PAMIXJDSL7CMNGIPA4BM Kind regards, Sandro
  9. You're welcome. As Chris points out, perhaps you'll get further input if you actually contribute info or pics yourself. I see you say you cannot post pics, but it must surely be possible to contribute info. Questions, of course, are not for the benefit of all, answers are - so if you have those to share (and you claim to have written books, if I understood you correctly, so you must have some) please feel free to do so, even in response to post off others. Kind regards, Sandro
  10. Helmut Weitze has several litewka's, on offer, mostly wartime, some with silver buttons, some with golden, some with patterned buttons, some with flat ones: https://www.weitze.net/cgi-bin/suche/suche.pl?q=litewka#s=alle, I'd need to confirm this by reference to the regulations, but as far as button-colour goes, I'd not be surprised if that simply followed the regulations for the tunic of the unit or rank of the wearer. In other words: gold or silver as specified in the regulations for the tunic the wearer was entitled to wear based on his rank (officers of general rank generally wor
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