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  1. Thanks for the correction on the number. So it must be murder then? The cause was established by the coronary, who described his findings, but just did not draw any final conclusions (which was not unusual in such circumstances involving royalty): he was found with a gunshot wound, and drowned. The prevailing view is he committed suicide. "Am 24. Februar nachmittags fand man dann die Leiche des Großherzoges mit einer Schussverletzung in der Brust im Kammerkanal bei Neustrelitz. Die Schusswaffe konnte trotz intensiver Suche nie gefunden werden. Als Todeszeitpunkt wird im Obduktionsbefund der Abend des 23. Februar 1918 angenommen, als Todesursache wurde „Ertrinken“ festgestellt, in der Annahme, dass der Schuss nicht sofort tödlich war. Im Obduktionsbefund des Amtsarztes Dr. Wilda heißt es, er sei „getroffen, vornüber ins Wasser gefallen und ertrunken“. (...) Aus seinem Umfeld wurde von depressiver Stimmung des Großherzoges berichtet, so auch später in den Memoiren der Daisy von Pless. " https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Friedrich_VI._(Mecklenburg) Kind regards, Sandro
  2. And re the heading: Friedrich Franz IV was of course grandduke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, not of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (at least at the time of the pic, he was not - he ruled Mecklenburg-Strelitz only from February to November 1918, following the suicide of Adolf Friedrich IV). Kind regards, Sandro
  3. Pleasure Bayern, that is what the forum should be about. There are more in the thread on the Kleindekoration des Schwarzen Adlerordens in the orders and decorations section.
  4. I think this may be fairly specific to the ranking individual concerned - one of the pics I posted shows what seems to be an adjutant to a unit or general with a sash, another shows Prinz Alfons with what appears to be a personal adjutant. At the same time, the pics I have of Wilhelm II of Württemberg show no adjutants with sash or aguilettes, and neither do the pics I have of Rupprecht. 😂
  5. But the pics I posted earlier today show plenty, and not just for Willi.
  6. Correct. More pics below, 4 more for Willi, 4 for Bavaria, 4 for Saxony, 4 schowing Schärpen in wear 93x Prussia, 1 x Saxony). I have several pics from Württemberg, but none of them show aguilettes/Fangschnure or Schärpen in wear during ceremonies. Same for Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Baden. If any has pics of adjutants of those states, please feel free to share. The Prinz Alfons pic is postwar, but it is a nice illustration of the Schärpe in wear.
  7. Possibly, although the pic is too blurry to be certain. Wilhelm is wearing Austrian (Oberst Inhaber) uniform, and the tree folds are most likely Austrian (the second decoration from the left appears to be the Kleindekoration for the GC of the St. Stephansorden. Some more pictures to follow over the weekend as time permits.
  8. Navy on this occasion, army on others - he had a host of adjutants. I had difficulty posting further pics last night - will try again now.
  9. Willy, of course, went all the way, and usually brought his own herald and standard bearer (presumably, because no one else would do it for him .....). I have more, but for some reason am unable to post them at the moment.
  10. "Front" visit of King Ludwig III, with several adjutants wearing aguilettes in tow. Let me know if this is the type of pic you are looking for.
  11. Sure, I’ll dig for Willy & his friends and relationship later tonight.
  12. I've had a quick look at the 1918 Rangliste (not: Militär Handbuch), but could not find our man there.
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