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  1. My pleasure Laurentius. Kind regards, Sandro
  2. Excellent, many thanks Christian! If Glenn or another membe has some info on his career to share, that would give me all I'm looking for for the moment. Many thanks again, best wishes, Sandro
  3. Rauch attributes this austrian piece to Schwerdtner: https://www.hdrauch.com/site/de/coins.php?akcija=showSingleLot&what=goStart&a_sn=c112&a_gid=6310&a_pid=603&ad_id=107705 Not a decoration, but it could mean heproduced more than just Bulgarian awards. Kind regards, Sandro Same here: https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=2539&lot=544
  4. For a project I'm working on, could anyone please help me out with a career and awards list (and if possible, a pic or pics, preferably with foreign awards in wear) for the good GM referenced in the header, former Flügeladjutant of Emperor Franz Joseph and apparently (after the latter's death) Kommader of the 11th (and so I gather, later 13th) KuK Kavallerie-Brigade? I found the two pics shown below on the web, but otherwise did not find much beyond some bare dates. Any help you can give is very much appreciated. Kind regards, Sandro
  5. Graf, are these items (and is the pic) yours? Unless I'm mistaken, these were once part of Mark Avery's collection? Kind regards, Sandro
  6. https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/koniglicher-militar-st-heinrichs-orden-kommandeurkreuz-vergl-oek-2086.html http://www.medalnet.net/St_Henry_Order.htm Kind regards, Sandro
  7. Not Ibel, I think, see pic 1. Walther Dahl (pic 2) came to mind, but the dates don't match.
  8. The general (if that is what he is) indeed looks like Conrath, the Hauptmann on the right does not really resemble Galland, though. and as Stephan pointed out, Galland was promoted to majoron 19 July 1940, whereas Conrath only received his KC in 1941. The Hauptmann's awards are too generic to permit identification by reference to those, and in the absence of other distinguishing uniform features (like a CT etc.) it may simply not be possible to identify him unless someone recognizes him. Kind regards, Sandro
  9. Sure, here you go: https://www.weitze.net/militaria/86/Preussen_Generalsgeflecht_mit_Fangschnur_fuer_einen_Generalleutnant__364786.html https://www.weitze.net/militaria/18/Preussen_Generalsgeflecht_mit_Fangschnur_fuer_einen_Generalmajor__364818.html https://www.weitze.net/militaria/85/Preussen_Generalsgeflecht_mit_Fangschnur_fuer_einen_Generalleutnant_um_1900__284485.html Kind regards, Sandro
  10. Filfoster, See my post of 25 May 2020: DIENST- UND RANGABZEICHEN DER OFFIZIERE UND BEAMTEN der Königlich Bayerischen Armee 1806 bis 1918. W. Seibold / G. M. Schulz Kind regards, Sandro
  11. Hi Simi, That occurred to me, too, but he is not listed as a recipient in Die Theresienritter im Weltkriege, nor on the web. I'll have a look at other resources as time permits. Kind rergards, Sandro
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