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  1. http://genwiki.genealogy.net/173._Infanterie-Brigade https://www.wikiwand.com/de/Infanterie-Regiment_„Graf_Werder“_(4._Rheinisches)_Nr._30
  2. And of his frock coat and pants, and his (mostly) foreign ribbon bar. The cap is not his, its not named, and neither are the aguilette, the belt, the FAK1 and the EK1.
  3. Abebooks UK yields the same Amsterdam offering. Anyway, it's a publication well worth having for anyone interested in the topic of this thread. Kind regards, Sandro
  4. (Actually) search and ye shall find .....https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/ShopBasket?ac=a&ik=17939375840&ir&clickid=TcuSXQV6xxyJUEWwUx0Mo3E1Uknx39XCBz6k0A0&cm_mmc=aff-_-ir-_-59145-_-212653&ref=imprad59145&afn_sr=impact Kind regards, Sandro
  5. There is a book on Fürst Bismarck's awards: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Orden-Ehrenzeichen-Reichskanzlers-Fürst-Bismarck/dp/3937064087 Kind regards, Sandro
  6. Very true. Incidentally, I used to own the Meurer ribbon and ribbon bar set sold by Weitze, and there's nothing wrong with it.
  7. Not that I know - but a fair bit of it is shown in this book: https://www.militaria.at/Book.aspx?book=1596672&Language=de
  8. Ok, this one has been nagging me. Since there is nothing in the lists besides the FJO komtur that would be worn on the right breast, I've gone back to my references to see what Bavarian officers did wear on the right side. Not much, as it turns out, at least not much in terms of true decorations (they did wear commemorative - unit - badges etc. to post war veterans meetings). But I did find one thing that might fit: the Erinnerungszeichen an die Goldene Hochzeit 1918. Not unlikely for an adjutant to the king, and worn on the right breast, roughly on the spot of the second paidr of loops, as the post war pic below confirms. So: FJO on upper right breast, with the Erinnerungszeichen underneath it?
  9. I've checked my further references, particularly the Bavarian Rangliste 1918, but have not found anything more definitive. Note that the June 1916 dated Castell Bluse shown in the pic below has two sets of loops on the right breast, with the upper set placed appropriately for the FJO. FJO stars are quire heavy, especially compared to Steckkreuz type awards like the Officierskreuze of orders of various German states. The commander stars are also comparatively compact in size - so if the vertical spacing between the loops is wide enough (and wider than an Offizierskreuz of say the Oldenburg Hausorden or the Bavarian Michaelsorden) they could have held an FJO commanders star. However, the set up on the blouse could be seen to argue against that, and could suggest that von Castell had another, Offizierskreuz level award that would be worn on the right side, beneath the FJO.
  10. You are correct, I didn't think about that. Apart from the hight on the tunic, the loops seem to be spaced a bit close together for an FJO commanders start - but CCJ should be able to judge that. Charles, how far apart are the loops?
  11. Nope, any stars of the main Austrian orders would be worn on the right hand side, just like the stars and pinback crosses of most German states.
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