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  1. Hello Paul!

    It´s a turkish one. But I´m not sure, if it´s a WW1 or a post-war production.

    Here is my one (I´ve been told, it´s a post-war issue):



  2. A friend of mine wrote:


    the lid and pushers do not fit at all to a jug of the Bavarian infantry from this time. The coat of arms on the pusher is a rather washed-out Bavarian state coat of arms, on which, however, the royal crown is missing. Also the pictures look to me like the pictures, which I know from - quite well made - repro jugs from the 70s and 80s. Even if Ludwig II. today has a "fairytale-like" meaning, one would have attached in this time only a portrait of the current ruler as a ground picture. I therefore find it strange that the jug from 1899 shows a picture of Ludwig II. A portrait of Prince Regent Luitpold would actually belong there. The mentally ill Otto I would probably not have been depicted. And the Prince Regent was already quite admired and transfigured at that time. Chris should try to find out whether the name and the regiment are painted on or printed on. If they were painted on, the piece could possibly be real, but it would certainly have had a new lid at some point.  A jug of the Infantry Body Regiment would also express the pride of having served in that particular regiment through a special illustration and not through a standard illustration that would fit any infantry regiment. But you can only say that with ultimate consistency once you have held the good piece in your hand. 180 € are a bit too expensive for that, such a repro jug is usually traded between 50 and 100 € today. The page "Reservistenkrugsammler.de" is good, because the texts and pictures are written by Wolfgang Gult, who is known to me as THE expert and reservist jug collector from the Gesellschaft für Heereskunde

    Did you ask Wolfgang Gult?

  3. I really hope you are right! Another thing that makes me wonder is the price.

    An original one from Leibregiment for under 200€... a little bit cheap, isn´t it?

    But I don´t want to make it bad. Let´s wait til it arrives!

    What would you say to the king? I´m really not sure, who he is

    Here is another site:


  4. What about the picture inside the Stein?

    Ludwig II died in 1886: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_II_of_Bavaria

    Otto didn´t rule because of illness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_of_Bavaria

    Luitpold? : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luitpold,_Prince_Regent_of_Bavaria

    What, if the Stein is a fake? A have seen faked Steins with faked names before...

    A lot of fakes had the picture of Ludwig II:


    "Gerne wird auch das Portrait vom Bayernkönig Ludwig II. als Bodenbild bei Kopien verwendet. "

    (The portrait of the Bavarian King Ludwig II is also often used as a base picture for copies.)

    I wonder that at the bottom is only a thin red line instead the blue/white colours.

    Compare your Stein with the Stein in chapter 2.) Die Form des Krug Henkels

    It looks similar...

    Unfortunately there are a few facts against an original one.

    1) Ludwig II (if he is it)

    2) no blue/white stripes

    3) no match with the name

    4) there are no photos from the inside of the lid. The inside must be brighter than the outside

    5) no list of comrades from the company. No list = no check... I have three Steins. Each has a list

    ( compare here):




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