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  1. Hello!

    That´s strange. Cuirassiers had a line-eagle. This is a dragoon-eagle. Jäger zu Pferde (mounted Jäger) has this eagle. But Jäger z.Pf. 1-7 had white eagles. Jäger z.Pf. 8-13 had yellow eagles, but enlisted men had a black leather-helmet and officers a black helmet.. No tombak helmets! The cloverleave cocades were worn by Jg.z.Pf 1-7. It looks like a mix between regiments 1-7 and 8-13...

    Maybe there was a war-time pattern with that symbols and made from tombak...

  2. Kraus writes, that first the Alpenkorps was equipped with the "Gebirgshose". (17.8.11915). The Sturmbataillone recieved their leather-patched-trousers with ordre from 2.1.1917 (Kraus, vol. I, page 560).

    You wrote, a couple of photos were from 1918. In may 1918, the Gen.Kdo.59 was in the area of Cirey.

    In Sept./Nov. 1918 the Armee-Abteilung A was:

    VII.AK, XV.RK, Gen.Kdo.59, austrian IX.AK

    Units since 15.9.1918

    13.ID (until 15.9.1918), 75.RD (7.10.-5.11.1918), 61.Ldw.Brig., 21.LD, 96.ID, 92.Res.Jg.Brig., 25.ID (18.-25.9.1918), 301.ID, 39.RD, hungarian 37.Honved-Div.

    What about a close-up of the helmet cover in #204, please?


  3. Troops with mountain-uniforms were 26.1.1917:


    9.Armee (LII.AK, 217.ID, parts of 89.ID, 218.ID, parts of bav. 12.ID)

    11.Armee (Gren.Rgt.11, Garde-Jäger-Btl., Res.Inf.Rgt.21, Jg.Btl.9 and 12, Inf.Rgt.45, Res.Jg.Btl.11-13, 15, 19, Inf.Rgt.146, Schallmeßtrupp 4, Garde-Schützen-Btl. + units since 29.7.1918: Jg.Btl.8, Geb.Bttr.9, 14-16, 18, bav. Geb.Bttr.10, bav. Pi.Kp.106, Pi.Kp.201, Geb.MG-Abt. 210, 211, 214, 216, 217, 219, 220, 230, 231, Geb.MW-Kp. 171, 172, 176, Geb.Funker-Abt. 3-5, 9, 78, 79, Geb.Fernspr.Zug 814-816

    14.Armee (all units)

    Armee-Abt. A (parts of bav. Pi.Kp.23, Funker-Abt. 6b)

    Armee-Abt. B (Infantry of 6.bav. Ldw.Div., parts of 7.Kav.Div., bav. San.Kp.3, 2./Fußart.Btl.2, MG-Abt. 201, 201 and 208, + units since 19.7.1918:  Ul.Rgt.21, Ldw.Inf.Rgt. 38, 40 and 436, several Landsturm units)

    Armee-Abt. Scholtz (Geb.MG-Abt. 212, 213, 215, 222-225, 232, 233, 247-250, Geb.Pi.Kp.101, Geb.Funker-Abt.1, 6a and 7, Geb.Vers.Haub.Battr. 941, Geb.Fernsprech- and Signalzüge)


    Source: Kraus, vol. I, page 246

  4. Hi Chris!

    Yes, you are right, but your focus was on Sturmbataillon, not divisionally Sturmabteilungen...

    The official Sturmbataillon for Armee-Abt. A was the bavarian Sturmbataillon 15, raised xmas 1916.

    Another fact is, that the Armee-Abt. A had 2 Lehr-Abteilungen with 60-80 men each. They teached the "Stosstrupps" of the regiments. Each regiment had 60-80 men in their Stosstrupps.

    Maybe your photo shows one of those?

  5. I can´t see leather patches. Can you  make a close-up of the helmet-number?

    Stormbataillonns were not attached to Armeekorps, but to armies. The fact, that we see a number on a helmet cover, could be a proof, it´s not a regular storm-bataillon.

    In that period of time the 19th Ers.Div. (Armee-Abteilung A) was in that area:

    Ersatz-Regiments 23, 32, 24, and 40.

    Ersatz-companies. 12th and 22nd Pi.Btl.

    254th Pi.Comp.

    88th Res.Pi.Comp.

    60th Res.Inf.Rgt.

    100th Ldw.Inf.Rgt. (until october)

    The helmet number could be a 100?



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