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  1. Hi Chris!

    Ingo Löhken writes in his book "Die Polizei-Unifoemen in Preussen 1866-1945", that there ain´t no recordings about SiPo uniforms.

    He only writes, that ranks below a major had numbers upon the collars.

    One number stands for the Abteilung (detachement)  and the other for the Gruppe (group). Telecommunication personal had flashes, mounted troops had crossed lances and flying personal had propellers. The numbers and the symbols were worn until 1920 (not in the occupied areas like Slesia and so on).

    Here is an example of the lightng.




  2. Hello!

    Unfortunatey you are wrong withb the first one...

    RIR 267 was set up by:

    Staff: Ers.Btl./Füs.Rgt.34

    I.Btl.: Feld-Inf.Btl.34

    II.Btl.: Feld-Inf.Btl. 8

    III.Btl. Feld-Inf.Btl. 10

    The 2.Ers.Btl./Inf.Rgt. 14was only responsible for the Ersatz


    I see a 261 and not a 267 upon his SB.

    RIR 261 was set-up by Garde-Feld-Inf.Rgt. 1, 2 and 3

    It had its own Ersatz-Bataillon

    So it all fits

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