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  1. Hi Rick!

    Many thanks for your help. I 100% agree with the spanish one. The crown proved it. Denmark? Norway? Possible... But I?m not happy with my asian comrade. The face is defiantly japanese. A friend of mine travelled a lot of times to China. He said the same. The face, the moustache and the height do not fit to China. Well, Siam? But where can I have a look at Siam?s uniforms?

    Yes, unfortunataley ther? s nothing written on the back. If I see the house in the beackground or the plants and trees around, it seemed to me an "east-front-picture"

  2. Hi Kev!

    I don?t know, how often I looked in the "Kn?tel". This picture is one of the strangest, I?ve ever seen. My main problem is still the uniform of the asian one. Is that a german one? Swedish cuffs? OK, 8 buttons? OK. The "button" at the collar seemed to be oval, you?re right. But it?s only at one single side.

    I attached the rest of the photo. I sse swedish and brandenburgish cuffs, and a 19 upon the helmet. Is the covered helmet a spiked helmet or one with a ball? I think it?s artillery.

  3. Hi Rick!

    Oops, that?s a good result. I?ve got an canon lide25. I think, I will have a look for Epson scanners later...

    Well, a lot of people say, the one is from Switzerland. That could be. But I don?t agree with your spanish one. I think you mean another one? "My " Japanese has defiantly asian eyes, and (I think so) a japanese field cap. I see a german 07/10 jacket but with a magnifier I recognize a button upon his left collar. (Not a german "Gefreitenknopf" - this one here is right in the front)

  4. Well Rick, the only way to indicate the unit are the numbers at tghe collar. The early Landsturm units had a number, which shows the Infantry-Brigade, which set-up the Landsturm unit. Later they became a Roman number for the army corps and an arabic number to show the unit of that corps.

    Becaus of the swords, please don?t forget, at the outbreak of the war, a lot of Landsturm units had parts of their civilien uniform, because there weren?t enough uniforms for all Landsturm units. So the men with the swords are NCO?s. Mabe tzhey served in a cavalry or artillery unit before? They could take the uniforms back home, so the ywore them in Landsturm unit

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