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  1. Hello, Very interesting medals, difficult to find informations about them... For which medal is that certificate ? Best regards .. Herve
  2. Hello, I did not find Lt Paul Moniez in London Gazette ... who is able to tell me where I can have informations about ww2 French soldiers winners of British orders and medals ?? Best regards .. Herve
  3. Hello again Miikka, I will not be much more helpful for the moment... It is a rare, interesting id'd badge, the owner could have been a general in ww2 ... Sure that the design did not survived ww2, and the current design is different. In my point of view, the price depends of the name of the owner ... I will try to find more informations. Best regards .. Herve
  4. Hello Miikka, I confirm your identification ... ESG = Ecole Superieure de Guerre Best regards .. Herve
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