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  1. Hello Tim And how can you explain such a similarity in design with shield FO ? Best Andrei
  2. Hi guys in regards to the zinc shield thought to be an early Orth , in my opinion this shield is fake based on original Orth I find it quiet strange that the shield , especially early war one not to have a typical FO mark on the reverse. As you are aware, Orth had marked their shields. You do find an odd unmarked one , but that is due to the die flaw. But for the whole production run to be unmarked – to me it does not make sense The differences in design are also quiet obvious. It is not a secret that for the fakers it is much easier to make the shield look similar to the original then trying to reproduce the original design competly. It is practically impossible to copy all the small details including the watermarks. Bit to make a die to resemble the original is a lot easier. You get the look of the original , but not to the small details. IMO, this is a FO fake. Regards Andrei It is hard for me to express myself in English and pass on all the information that I aware of . That is the main reason for me not being more active on the forum. We can all make mistakes , but our judgment is based on the information we have available to us.
  3. Hi Tim I agree with you,this is just fixing, but they help to learn more about the boards,and give more precise information about the manufacturer:cheers:
  4. with its production using other technologies,and required a different kind of stamp that is different from other stamps on their technology Maybe the stamp is broken and these boards were made very small, so they do not exist on the market ,I do not know exactly This is only my opinion
  5. the other type using a different mount, very rare, it is not used on any shield. No more shields with the use of such fastening Friends, I find it hard to write in English,hope for understanding:cheers:
  6. Hello gent . sorry for the long answer that's the type of shield by Deumer -cllasic
  7. Guys if you find these shields, I'll buy them all:cheers: but I think that to find such a very very difficult:beer:
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