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  1. OK Tasmaniensis. That sounds great. Very intriguing. Kind Regards Ian
  2. Many thanks tasmaniensis. That's some very diligent research you've done there. Most interesting of course are his dates. (1892-1941). I wonder how he died? Ian
  3. Thanks tasmaniensis. That's very useful. Much appreciated Ian
  4. That's great Lukasz. It sounds very much like he could be the Colonel Ferdinand Silvester who was the Cof S. Well done and thanks very much.. Regards Ian
  5. Hi Lukasz, Thanks for that. Do you know his first name? Looks a bit like Ferdnand or Ferdinand. Is Silvester the correct spelling of his surname and do you happen to have any further biographical info on him? Regards Ian
  6. Lukasz Thank you very much. I am most grateful for the identification. If you find any biographical info that would be fantastic. Many thanks Ian
  7. OK FRank. Well thanks very much for trying. Best Ian
  8. Hi Elmar OK thanks very much. You could be right. You're the second person to put that up as a possibility. Best wishes Ian
  9. Hi Lukasz Many thanks for the information and identifying this Polish officer. I am most grateful . I wonder what happened to him. Maybe he was one of those executed at Katyn? Which particular photos would you like to see. I have posted photos from this group in the French Section and Italian Section plus others in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Czechslovakia. Have you seen them Lukasz Regards Ian
  10. Hi Frank Well thanks very much for trying. I really appreciate it. The second one looks a bit like Papillon but the third one!! The third one seems to have been a Captain (in the army?) and Assistant Military Attache to Warsaw in 1934. The second one looks like a Naval officer and he may have been the Military Attache in 1934. The first one -Captain of Frigate seems to have been the French Naval Attache to Poland and/or Warsaw in 1937 so perhaps the larger countries like France had army, navy and air force military attaches. Regards Ian
  11. That's very helpful Daniel. Thank you very much. Your assistance is most appreciated. Regards Ian
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