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  1. Hi Jermil, Thanks for this info - I'd been a little uneasy about the helmet plate, the corners of the crown had looked slightly different from those in the pictures I'd seen. I'll keep an eye out for one of the new plates although I doubt they will appear on the collecting market for a while.
  2. I attach pics of a Jersey white helmet - not a genuine 'issued' helmet (presumably it's too early to see these being retained by retiring officers!) but constructed from parts from the same manufacturer so this should match the issued item.
  3. Hi Craig, Definately a rare helmet, possibly unique as I suspect that it is the bandmaster's helmet. Normal Met band helmets that I have seen only had a plain cloth centre strip similar to my Durham helmet.
  4. As an example of a Band helmet, I attach a pic of my Durham Constabulary:
  5. As far as I am aware, white helmets were worn for broadly three roles: a) Beat duties - i.e. Brighton, Souhend on Sea etc b) Traffic point duties - i.e. Leeds, Birmingham etc c) The Band - i.e. Metropolitan, Durham etc I attach a pic of my Stockport Borough which may be off interest: As an example of a traffic helmet, I attach a pic of my Leeds City:
  6. Hi Geoff, I'd agree that the minor differences are likely to be different manufacturers setting the specification slightly differently. The sweatband isn't stamped, its the stick on size label that you're seeing in the photo. Yes, I'd also agree that we have an unusual variation on the normal style of Brighton white helmet - a good talking point with other collectors as these type of motorcycle helmets aren't very common, even the normal blue cloth versions from other forces. You'll probably see a lot of changes in Brighton from how you remember it from 1971. I've never been to the Brighton police museum, but I reckon it should be an interesting visit! Cheers, Jamie
  7. I attach here an internal view showing the straps etc That is a good spot! I think you are probably correct - comparing my helmet to the picture, I reckon the sliding keeper which the free end of the fastener goes under can clearly be seen! Cheers, Jamie
  8. Hi Geoff, Your helmet certainly sounds fine - as requested I've attached a couple of pics of mine. Interestingly mine was never issued, so has never been whitened. Internally its never been worn. Apologies for the rather poor quality of the photos, they were quickly taken in the kitchen! I attach a pic of the rear two vent holes, I wouldn't put any great importance if your doesn't have these, they were possibly a manufacturing variation, perhaps on helmets supplied to the force shortly before the amalgamation, which could explain why this one never saw service.
  9. Mervyn, I have examples of both the Met helmets you describe. The full size one has the motorcycle strap (the same as the Brighton helmet except in black leather) and is quite strongly reinforced inside. It has two additional eyelet ventilation holes on the rear of the helmet as well as the normal two on either side. The 'Noddy' helmet is very interesting, being very different from the normal style. Regarding the Brighton helmet, it is not so strongly reinforced with only an extra layer of fibre material inside the dome, behind the headband. The leather chinstrap is securely fixed and it also has the two rear additional eyelet ventilation holes. The helmet is well made and looks like it came from the factory like this, it doesn't look like a local modification. Nick, that certainly looks like a good helmet at Denhams!
  10. Thanks Nick, A very good example of the two panel QC helmet for members to compare with your KC
  11. Hi Nick, Thanks for this link - but I'm not sure that's an original Brighton helmet. It's a six panel QC helmet (which I think is unusual) but to my eyes the inside doesn't look right, especially the lining inside the dome being a seperate piece with cuts in it to allow it to be fitted up inside the shell - very reminiscent of the cork liner in early custodian helmets. The thick green packing behind the sweatband also looks different to any other Brighton white that I've ever handled. I'm not sure what its history is, but it doesn't look like it dates from the 1960's
  12. Hi Geoff, My opinions on your queries are: a) I understand that in the mid 1930's the Home Office in the UK had a policy of trying to standardise police dress within the country. The 'look' they preferred was that worn by the Metropolitan Police in London. Accordingly many forces at this time changed their older 'wreath' style plates to the Mets 'Star' pattern. b) It is hard to be sure without seeing a picture of your helmet but I believe it could be genuine. In my collection I have a Brighton white helmet with the 'riot' style of chinstrap. From memory (as I don't have it to hand), the chinstrap is made from white leather about 20mm or so wide, attached at the sides and rear of the helmet and with a buckled fastener under the chin. This style of helmet was, I believe, worn by officers riding the low power motorcycle patrols. Some forces used full size helmets with this chinstrap arrangement instead of the 'noddy' style. Nicks helmet is a fine example of a KC version - these had a slightly higher dome and were 6 panelled. The later QC helmets were 2 panel and weren't quite so high (only a fairly slight difference though). Hope this helps. J
  13. A few unusual white helmets: Isle of Man Harbour Police: Birmingham City Police traffic control helmet: Leeds City Police traffic control helmet: Stockport Borough Police summer helmet:
  14. Glasgow City Police normal beat helmet, worn up to the early 1930's before the helmet plate design changed to incorporate the Scottish national police badge.
  15. Edinburgh City ceremonial helmets: Senior officers version: Constables & Sergeants version:
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