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    I have never been one to stick at only one thing - not that I am easily bored, but I find too many things too interesting.
    Collecting wise I am currently biased towards Boer War medal groups. Particularly the less frequently seen - reverends, surgeons, drummer/buglar/trumpeter ...

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  1. Good day Louwrens - Thank you for making contact, and re-awakening this topic. I found this knife tucked away in a second hand furniture store in Somerset West, Western Cape, all those years ago. It struck as quite an interesting item, and was keen to find out more about the man it was presented to. He does seem to have been the real soldier. I have always wondered how this came to be separated from his other items. Like medals, I suppose with each generation the detachment grows. Good for us collectors, but a bit sad for the family member who might at some stage take an interes
  2. Hi there Thomas, I am doing a bit of research into the loss of life of the Bulwark and stumbled upon your post.  saw that you have my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Great Uncle's medals (Archie-Moore, Albert and William-Archie Parsons).   Bit of a surprise !  Where did they turn up ?

  3. Hello Gentlemen - Interesting! I have now gone through my collection of bronze BWMs, looking at the 3s and between the Vs and Bs - unfortunately not all my medals have a 3 on them, but some observations - - The SANLC - all that have a number 3 have the flat top 3, and no blemish between the V and B - The Maltese Labour Corp example has a flat top 3, and no blemish between the V and B - The Macedonian Mule Corp example has a flat top 3, and no blemish. - The two Chinese Labour Corp examples, both have the blemish, and one has the rounded 3. (The other example does not have
  4. Hello all - I have been guilty of being too quiet on this thread. I am a relative newbie to Vic collecting, and as such have found myself absorbing rather than contributing. Applause to Rob, Tim, johnnymac for making this thread a real treasure of information! Which brings me to my 2 cents worth. I would like to see the thread stay as it is rather than being split up. As a medal collector I was aware of the various Victory Medal types, but it was only in the reading of this thread that I get to see the real scope of what I am heading into. I really enjoy the way this thread "jumps ar
  5. Excellent Len! A really great miniature group. As you know, I am a fan of attributed miniature groups, and this one would be competing for pride of place for sure. Well done. Very nice catch. Best regards Thomas
  6. Hello JM - I think this may be your man - Lieut HHR Vibart Medal card of Vibart, Hugh Henry RoseCorps:Royal Army Service CorpsRank:Lieutenant regards Thomas 1914-1920WO 372/20
  7. Hello Gentlemen - I unfortunately do not own one of these, but I believe that this is the badge that Chris is refering to ... I agree - a very nice find regards Thomas
  8. To all, many thanks for your interest and your replies. We have been able to identify most of the medals in the group, but are still unable to name four. Close ups of the individual medals - Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Medal 4 Sorry - just re-read some of the posts. thank you James - 2&3 National Deportees Federation of Belgium 1914-1918 1st Class (both medals) I have never seen these with the star bars but probably denotes number of years under deportation. Thank you all again for the help. regards Thomas
  9. Thank you James - and just to add some flavour to the estimates, a couple of photos that I have just received .... It seems that Jozef Vernie was Knighted by King Boudewijn of Belgium on 30 July 1957 Hopefully some more to follow. Thank you again for your contributions. regards Thomas
  10. Thank you Kevin - I know "Hendrik's Medal Corner" well. A fantastic site. (I was just lazy as to searching through it to identify the pieces) Any guesses at a value? Regards Thomas
  11. Hello All - A coin dealer - a numismatist, for the purists - friend of mine has just got this really great collection of medals in. I have copied his email below. Please could the members help us with identification of the individual pieces. Pierre asks me for an evaluation too, so if any one feels like offering an opinion here it would be greatly appreciated. Pierre would probably want to sell this collection off, so if anyone is intereste dlet me know and I can put you in contact. Thank you for your help. They were awarded to a bookkeeper who served during the Second World War
  12. Darrell, your ability to collate so much information around your medals is truely fantastic. I have been a quiet reader of pretty much all your posts, but now it is time to applaud. Thank you. regards Thomas
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