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    2010 to October 2013 - Curator of the South Wales Police Museum. Personally collecting old British Police helmets.Large collection of older pre-amalgamation Welsh police forces insignia. Looking to purchase older British police helmets or any older Welsh police insignia, decorated truncheons, tipstaffs etc.

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  1. A button that I found recently whilst metal detecting near the market town of Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. Around the edge it says 'EASTN GLAMORGAN LOCAL MILITIA'. Its lost some of its gilding but retains its rear loop and is in a decent condition. Not being a militaria collector, however I would imagine that there won't be many of these around. Quick bit of research.... Eastern Glamorgan Regiment of Local Militia raised in 1808 - under John Price of Llandaff. It was disbanded in 1816. A rare button of a Militia that only existed for 8 years!!!
  2. Very nice helmets .....which I am assuming were Alan's at one time? Knew your dad well over a period of many years of collecting with a specific police collectors organisation. This is one of the nicest helmets in my collection. A helmet of an Inspector. The Inspectors helmet from the rear. The metal fittings are all silver plated. Not police but worthy of inclusion on a military appreciation site. In my collection a rare officers rank helmet of the 4th Volunteer Battalion, South Wales Borderers. Very proud to have been able to acquire this helmet for my collection a few years ago.
  3. Hi Ringo. I was a member for many many years - ( I am in Wales )....its a fantastic organisation with members in many different countries . I have no doubt that you will make many new friends with other fellow insignia collectors. Best wishes for 2018.
  4. Hi Ringo. The helmet plates that you enquire about are available. Can I suggest that you consider joining an organisation called the 'Police Insignia Collectors Association of Great Britain'...............PICA. You will find all of their details on their website. They hold periodic swap / sell /buy m types of police memorabilia meetings where memorabilia is available to the members. Best wishes.............Ross
  5. Just to throw this into the mix ;-) I have a large collection of decorated Welsh truncheons. I've uploaded a couple of photos of some of them. The bulbous one 'CANAL' was of the Brecknock & Abergavenny Canal. It has painted details V1R and the monarchs Crown. This to show that the holder (likely a Constable) was acting on the authority of the 'Crown'. Also the orange coloured one to the left.........N.H.C.....Newport Harbour Commision police .... mid Victorian and again.....displaying the monarchs crown. Ross
  6. I have two of these Victorian belt buckles of the former Barry Dock Police. One is available for exchange for any other interesting and older Welsh police items for my collection. Ross
  7. There were no rules and regulations as to uniform and insignia in those days. Many Victorian Dock Company police badges have Victorian crowns. See no good reason to believe that Canal Company Police would be any different. Ross
  8. The chain surround could also point towards having a connection / theme to water. Often, chains / anchors / ropes were incorporated into their insignia. There were a lot of Canal Companies around in the Victorian times, and it was not unusual to have very few or even just the one policeman. My thoughts as a possibility for BTC - Bridgewater and Taunton Canal. Worth researching to see if this company had a policeman or police force. Most will have had police for the protection of cargo and company property. Ross
  9. Hello Steve. I do also have Bute Dock Police insignia.....but this post refers to the Barry Dock Police - not the Bute Dock Police. Ross
  10. I thought that I would share photographs of two Barry Dock Police tunic belt buckles that I have been able to add to my collection over the years. Exceptionally rare and both with Victorian crowns. As you can see they vary slightly in design and construction. I counted myself exceptionally fortunate to find one about 15 years ago (the worn one). A month ago I was fortunate enough to purchase the second one, which has not been worn through polishing. Barry Dock Police (Wales) was formed when the dock opened in 1889. The Barry Dock & Railway Co. changed its name to the Barry Railway Company in 1891. I believe that these buckles may pre-date 1891.
  11. Hello both. I have not been on this site for some time and was saddened to learn of the passing of Mervyn. I have known Mervyn since about 1980, and often corresponded with him. In the old days this was by way of a pen, paper and envolope that you'd put a stamp on!!! Rest In Peace Mervyn. Fond memories of a kind and generous man. In answer to the two above items. I have only ever added one of these batons to my collections on the one occasion. I have not researched them or their useage and was only given information by Mervyn. As such, cannot add much about the baton or the brassards Im afraid. Ross
  12. Hi Mervyn. I have downloaded some photos and text taken from the website of 'The College of Arms' relating to the planning of a Coronation at Westminster Abbey. As you will see the reference and photo show that other coloured Staff were used by officers with other specific duties. The text is....". The arm brassards shown on the left were worn during rehearsals by (from top to bottom): Abbey staff; Gold Staff Officers; tailors and technical attendants; doctors and medical attendants.The congregation were marshalled and ushered in Westminster Abbey by Gold Staff Officers, and others had related responsibilities. They were marked out by the staves they carried. The Gold Staff Officers' staves were designed by the Goldsmiths' Company, following discussions between the company and the Earl Marshal's Office about aspects of their design and their cost. Shown here are drawings of designs for the staves of the Gold Staff Officers, alongside seven examples of different staves.
  13. What are your opinions on these? Group described as Steward's Coronation Batons. Ross
  14. Thanks for the information Mervyn. One of the main attractions for me was the fact that it had provenance. Would be nice now to try and find other rank different coloured staffs.....and perhaps the arm bands that were also worn. There are a couple of chips to the paint, so may look to follow your suggestions of protecting it with a layer of varnish. Best wishes..............Ross
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