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  1. I like this piece and I'm quite comfortable with the pin setup, different yes, but I'm sure a variety of options such as pin style would've been available to the buyer, this one seems to be very professionally attached. The cracks are also not a problem for me either as I have a few sand cast cores with the same phenomena. All in all a unique looking 1870, congrats on a nice pick up Erich. Chris
  2. I echo the comment of my Iron brother.....SWEET! I can't help thinking though that these must have been a real pain in the assets to put on, not to mention the two holes in the uniform. Has anyone ever seen a uniform that had the holes to accommodate this type of attachment or any of the screwback crosses? I wonder if they were a "tailored" hole or did the wearer simply make his own, hole that is? Chris
  3. Interesting links Tom. I remember seeing the HUW listed on another hallmark site but this is the first time I've seen it on an EK. This might have solved the long mystery. I'm holding my breath haha Chris
  4. That is a beautiful cross, these are my favorite. Funny this is the second one today that I've seen, the other was not marked. The mark is very interesting, never seen it before but it might through some light on these early models at last. The Zimmerman theory IMHO only holds true for those marked with L/52 or the post 1920 pieces possibly. Mike, I know that some of these were found in the fire hoard but I've not seen anything pre this type to convince me that Zimmermann made these or any other war time pieces, have you seen any marked Imperial Zimms in your travels? Chris
  5. Birthday presents are always nice but receiving something you really like, an Iron Cross for example is #1. Nice cross, looks like an ivi or M Chris
  6. Micha, you have the best luck for finding rare pieces, I've been looking for one of these for a long time! I would say that this is one type where the condition of the core is not as important as the attachment device. Not saying that there is anything wrong with this one, I would happilly add it to my collection. Congratulations on a rare addition, glad it went to a good home. Chris
  7. Hmm, the core, well the first thing that hit me was the large, long W. The next thing I thought was that it's sheet metal, possibly Blued. The crown was next, very detailed, not a typical 800 type crown. Other than these observations you got me. Stop the bus, this isn't part of the square or CD family..........is it? Chris
  8. Certainly a different cross, is it three piece construction & is the frame also Brass? Could be a patriotic item or something that was used for decoration, key fob maybe, no idea. It's seems to have decent detail. Another Imperial mystery. Chris
  9. I've never seen or heard any real proof of the Brass for Navy theory, I suppose it could be possible. Brass, Copper coated, Zinc & Aluminum were all used, so none magnetic is not a real concern. Could you post photos of the cross please. Chris
  10. Troy, looks like RW to me which is an unknown maker. I've rotated and sharpened your image to try and get a better idea. Chris
  11. WOW! I didn't realize that there were so.. many. Thanks, that's a very comprehensive list. I'd like to add this one to it, at first I thought it was an error but after seeing this list.. This one is LV 18, it fills the hole in the gap LOL Chris
  12. Gent's, does anyone happen to know how many variations there are of the LV maker mark ? Chris
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