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  1. Hi, I am trying to research 19045391 Sgt E LOWES 1st RNF who was awarded the CSM with clasp South Arabia and I would imagine was involved in the events of June 1967. Do you know if he is mentioned anywhere and if there is a photo of the Sgts Mess for this period. Any help or information would be gratfully received. Thanks in advance, Rick
  2. Thanks Guys, I have let it pass, beware it's still out there.... Rick
  3. Hi, please see attached scan, I am trying to find out what the 201 Infantry regiment of the 67 Division were doing in March 1940 as i don't think there was much campaigning going on. Can anyone shed any light on this, any info would be appreicated, cheers, rick
  4. Hi, I once bought a ww2 dated RAF BD jacket to a LAC radio Op at auction, took it home and discovered in the front pocket 2 pairs of RAF pilots wings, 2 match tickets,a programme to a 1945 Southampton Town football match and a letter of reference on leaving the RAF. It seems the most valuable was the football programme. Rick
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