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  1. Hello¡ This man carries a Parteiabzeichen and an unknown pin in his tie. someone identifies this stickpin? thanks
  2. Hello¡¡ I have a picture where a badge goes I do not recognize .... Looks like a poppy or similar. Someone can help me identify it? thanks
  3. On this page are some magnificent pages of this catalog: http://www.uniformni-knofliky.cz/clanky-...mann-sohne.html Measures needed to know or prices Thank you very much for the help Raul
  4. Greetings¡¡ I need help finding the page with the prices of the NSDAP insignia Catalog Assman. Anyone have this catalog and can help me? thanks
  5. Hello everyone¡¡ Someone could identify this man unit of the SA? Thanks and regards
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