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  1. Brian, I second that there is no blow to your credibility. On the contrary, by being open and honest about a possible mistake, your credibility is at the utmost highest. Not many collectors would be so quick to show that they potentially purchased a re-issued award. Because of your honesty, you've save me $$$ that I probably would have spent, believing that the 1950's re-issue was actually the 1921 award. Perhaps your's is the 1933 issued Cross, but for now we just don't know for sure. Thank you so very much for your openness and candor involving these much desired Crosses.
  2. NSDAP Land Oesterreich Hitler Bewegung official Party badge of the Austrian "Hitler Movement"
  3. A very interesting flyer/poster! I agree with Bernhard that the paperwork dates to 1931-32 and is from Austria. After the Beerhall Putsch, the National Socialist Party of Geman-Austria (NSPDOe) split, one of the two (but not the only NS groups in Oesterreich) emerging NS organizations was the independent Austrian National Socialist Party, led by Dr. Riehl and Schulz. ( Many author's refer to this group as the DNSAP, but this is incorrect.) The DNSAP was the German National Socialist Workers Party of Czech. (Bohemia and Sudetenland) led by Dr. Rudolf Jung. The brother organization in Austria was named the NSPDOe "Nationalsozialistische Partei Deutsch-Oesterreicher", not the DNSAP. Both the DNSAP-Czech. and the NSPDOe-Austria came under the umbrella of the "Deutscher Nationalist-Sozialistischer Verein" also led by Dr. Riehl and surprizingly, Hitler's NSDAP was also a member at the time. On May 4, 1926 the pro-Hitler Nazis split to form the National Socialist German Workers Association with most of the Austrian Nazi Party members joining. In August of 1926 the name became NSDAP (Hitlerbewegung) officially. They recognized Hitler as the only German/Austrian Greater Reich Leader and for adopting all of the German NSDAP's Party organizations such as the HJ, SS, SA etc., and the Party ranking structure. It can be a bit confusing following the paths of all of the different early NS groups, but it is interesting and most collector's do not realize that the Austrian DAP and National Socialist Party were older than Germany's version. The black and white, swastika, hammer, and oak branch design of the Austrian/Czech National Socialist Banner predates Hitler's design by several months,
  4. Thank you Sergeant 08! No name or numbers, only some scratches unfortunately. Please check you PM Sergeant.
  5. Fantastik thread, fascinating fotos! I've been looking for a Wehrwolf membership TK pin for several months with no luck, so I had to settle for this... hope it's okay to post here... Jungwehrwolf!
  6. Here is an exceedingly rare one missing from most collections (originals that is). 1931 Gauparteitag Wien, Hitler Bewegung Wien, 1931, 1932 and a rare Kampfring der Deusch-Oesterreicher which existed for around 6 months 1933-34.
  7. I did not know that this type of board had a "right and wrong way". I have a Heer, Oberst"s boards, period sewn to a greatcoat and they too are of this configuration. These Police shoulder boards should have a single pip to denote Doebler's rank of Lt. Col.. There seems to have been an attempt to mute the cords by brushing some type of "coating". I raised the contrast in the photo to better show this "coating". Perhaps it was a luminating type of solution.
  8. Hi Paul R, I am glad you found the tunic of iterest. I don't know why Doebler did not wear the SS membership runes on his pol. tunic. Perhaps he really did not want to join the SS, or as Rick suggested, he discarded this uniform before he could apply the runes or his shoulderboard pips. Hi Rick, I thought that his record indicated both the KVK 2, without and with swords. I never seen this before either. On the surface, not the most interesting career, but perhaps there is more than meets the eye. I guess after the combat eligible men were siphoned off to the Waffen SS or Wehrmacht, the older and reliable officers of the Orpo were made to fill in the empty posts in the adminatrative departments within the Allgemeine-SS. I don't know if any more information can be gleaned from some of the other pages, but I'll post a few just in case. Thanks for having a look gents. Kind Regards, Marcus Rick this next photo is of the continuation of the page on post #10 (photo set 11) "He is..... " 16
  9. I found these fountain pen tips in the liner of (Ltn. Col.) Oberstleutnant der Schupo, Otto Doebler's tunic. They had slipped through a hole in the pocket into the liner and I fished them out. At first, I could not imagine just what the sharp objects could be. I just posted a thread about his tunic on the SS and Police Militaria forum. Rgds, Marcus
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