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  1. Lapsang Souchong, when i first tasted this I thought it was like stale cigarette ends...it's an acquired taste for sure.
  2. Thanks for sharing this story. Lt Clydesdale will not be forgotten.
  3. I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that the bronze star on the defense medal was awarded for participation in a campaign or major battle for overseas service prior to WW2 as well as the letter A for service with the Atlantic fleet prior to WW2 also.
  4. Yep sounds good to me! N S Meyer, NY maker of insignia. Any chance of a close up of the makers mark as this may determine age.
  5. Hi, looks good to me, marked Sterling silver and what looks like a makers make on the back of the shield. Can't read what it says ? what size is it?
  6. Research indicates that Rickenbacker was awarded seven DSC's during WW1. If that's the case (and please correct me if I'm wrong) then there should be one bronze and one silver oak leaf on his ribbon?
  7. Looks good to me and as long as you're happy with it then that's all that matters. Nice job!
  8. One of my favourite US medals. Not acquired an engraved one as yet but on my wish list. Thanks for posting.
  9. Fantastic tribute to a brave airman. Thanks for posting.
  10. The Humanitarian service medal dates from 1977 and medals with the GI logo were phased out circa 1995. I've never found a PI-GI maker unless PI just made suspender brooches which is unlikely but I may be wrong?
  11. According to Foster and Borts "US military medals 1939 to present" the Bronze arrowhead denotes participation in parachute, glider or amphibious landing or assault and was awarded only to the Army. I don't have any Vietnam service medals with a Arrowhead but do have a ribbon made by NS Meyer with Arrowhead and Bronze Star.
  12. “The Call of Duty” (John E Sandberg & Roger James Bender) and Kerrigans “American War Medals & Decorations” along with Foster & Borts “US Military Medals” are all good reference material. The Call of Duty, (R James Bender Publishing 1994) John E Sandberg & Roger James Bender. American War Medals & Decorations. (Viking Press, New York. Leo Cooper Ltd) Evans E Kerrigan US Military Medals 1939 to Present (Medals of America Press 1998, Fountain Inn, SC) Col. Frank Foster & Mr. Lawrence Borts.
  13. Here's a few approximate figures on medals issued by the US Government: Up to June 2010 an estimated 1.9 million Purple Hearts had been issued since the medal was established in 1932, over 500,000 of these since the end of WW2. 6,900 Navy Crosses. 13,400 Distinguished Service Crosses. 197 Air Force Crosses (since 1964). If you also take into consideration the amount of US service personnel who served in various conflicts you can begin to understand the numbers of service medals issued. Over 2 million in WW1, more than 12 million in WW2, 326,000 in Korea, 2.5 million in Vietnam and 425,000 in the first Gulf War.
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