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  1. Foreign orders and medals have been issued to British military personnel over the years with the French Croix de guerre being an example which were awarded to whole battalions during WW1. Usually the wearing of any such award had to have approval to wear alongside campaign medals etc awarded by the British Government. US awards which are awarded to British military are Distinguished service cross, Navy Cross, Air force cross, Army & Navy DSM, DFC, Legion of Merit, Silver & Bronze star and the Air Medal. The DFC, Bronze star and air medal are regularly available to collect in the UK as no doubt they were awarded during WW2 and beyond. On the flip side 1st Lt "Moose" Heyliger of the 506th PIR 101st airborne was awarded a British Military Cross for his leadership in commanding the rescue of the 140 men north of the Rhine which included mainly British paratroopers, some Dutch civilians and 5 US airmen all cut off following the disaster of the Arnhem campaign. I believe the Military Cross ribbon is displayed along with other foreign awards he received on his ribbon bar but on the bottom row of three.
  2. Oh er missus...."beat him off"...I like the sound of that...where can I illegally obtain my MoH….lol
  3. I have a numbered Purple Heart #275375. Made by Rex Products Co 1942 with a lacquer enamel heart and slot brooch as per the Army contract Rex Products had which were numbered 100,000 to 400,000. So your numbered PH #161632 would I assume fall into this batch. I believe 60,000 of these were issued to the US Navy.
  4. Hi Duncan, I've posted medals to the USA before with no issues. The only thing I did differently was to say they were "Badges" but what you tell the PO is up to you.
  5. Hi Guys, thought I'd share my 2 latest patches that I've added recently to my collection. The 501st is post war probably 1960's? 3" x 3.5" in size. The 506th is a bit of a mystery as I assumed this was a good quality repro but neither of these patches fluoresce under UV and the 506th is on a wool background at 4" diameter. Anyways the upshot is I didn't pay a great amount for either and they look good on display with my 502nd patch. Hope you like them as much as I do... This is how I've displayed my 501st, 502nd & 506th PIR badges as a sort of homage to the 101st Airborne. The para wings are all clutch back either Meyer or Krew manufacture.
  6. That's another cool sets of miniatures. Loving your work especially the USMC reserve miniature.
  7. What is the significance if any of the 101st airborne patches which have a green OD surround? This patch has a white tongue also and a fixed Airborne title with a black surround?
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a Bronze Star Medal with an unusual makers mark, looks like a D with a lightning bolt through it and the GI mark. Ribbon is on a 12mm crimp brooch. Anyone have any ideas as to the maker please?
  9. Hi Vince, I had my copy signed by Jim Moran himself. This was at the Malvern Military Convention held twice a year at Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England. A nice guy who obviously knows his USMC gear.
  10. Hi Vince, according to Jim Moran's book on USMC uniforms and equipment the EGA on the helmet cover was unauthorised during WW2. However this didn't stop some Marines painting a EGA on their helmet covers. Hope this helps.
  11. I have added recently to my collection a rather nice US Naval Officers Hat in Khaki. Issued or made by the "Naval Uniform Service" it has a wicker internal band with a green under visor. I'm assuming this hat is circa WW2? Does anyone have any information reference the "Naval Uniform Service" and were these hats made by a contractor and then if distributed by the service?
  12. Simple answer as to why I collect is because I can.....and am I a nasty hateful racist for collecting items with a swastika????
  13. Excellent post and very informative. Well done on your research. Corporal Mott is not forgotten. Semper Fi.
  14. Great Find and the history to go with it. A named PH is high on my wanted list.
  15. I have started to collect patches recently and have acquired this 502nd PIR pocket pouch. It is I believe a good copy and only paid a few pounds for it. Can't afford originals at $1000+. Just need to find a good quality 501 and 506 to go with it.
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