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    aux.cruiser and e.boat awards,i have a1st pat. e.boat award with min.,also a 3rd e. boat flotilla shield ,that came out of e.boat after war. Also hold a2nd pat. blood order cased in mint condition.
  1. Thanks for the reply.At leasst it did not cost me anything.It did look rough i must admit.Thanks Mike.
  2. Could someone please give me an idea what this badge could be.I think its a fake.It came from a car boot in abox of bits.It is screw back with 1936 on the back.Thanks in advance.
  3. I would say genuine article,although colour is a bit off putting.All the best Mike.
  4. Hi. Erich.This is about the best i can do with my camera.I think the line goes about 1 m.m. short of H.but i don,t know if there could be slight surface wear,but i doubt it. Regards Mike.
  5. Colin is still in business R obin aqnd is still a great and honest dealer. Regards Mike.
  6. O.K. Hear we go folks,i was wandering around a car boot sale in west wales,where i sometimes visit.There was a man there selling mostly cap badges and british army bits and pieces.I went to his stall to take a look and lo and behold i see 2 german awards.One was a iron cross 2nd class and the other was the cased blood order.Not knowing much about blood orders,i casually enquired what it was and asked for a look at it.He explained the history to me and then i remembered i had seen one in angolia,s book.To cut a long story short it felt good in the hand,and i liked the feeling of it.He wanted 85
  7. Thanks for the nice comments folks.The case is in the same fine condition.If i told you how i came by this award you wold not beleive me.
  8. Hi.Everyone. I would like to show you my cased 2nd.pat.blood order.
  9. Could anyone shed some light on this award.In very good condition.
  10. Thanks for that Rick,glad it did not cost me too much.You live and learn.
  11. I have in my pocession a plaque with 1st machine gun course at M ETZ.Could anyone tell me anything about this school please.
  12. Hope i am in the right spot for this.My father was in the glider pilot reg.during the 2nd w.w.His name was James Smith and he was a sargeant.On my birth cert. he was classed as aircraft rigger.Would appreciate someone filling me in on what this entailed.My mother and father broke up after the war and i have lost contact.He would be well in to his eighties now if still alive.MAny thanks in anticapation.Mike Smith.
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