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  1. Hi All Looking for information on a new badge in my collection. It is same size as WWII specials lapel badge, but has CC and a dark green background as opposed to the normal blue. I have seen one other like this but have been unable to attribute to any force. Hoping GMIC members can help me out with this one.
  2. Just obtained this photo hoping it was Police, but on closer examination I don't think it is going by the collar dogs they look like a sheep with a flag,. Anyone any ideas? Alan
  3. See if you can find this CD "The Helmets & Insignia of the British Police" by Noel L Haines ​very detailed best reference I have seen on UK helmets.
  4. Sticking my neck on the block, I would say this is a school or sports club badge not a specials. I have not seen a specials lapel with a shield shape and I have seen approximately 600 and I have been told there are about 700 in total. So only another 100 to find.
  5. I have a INDIA POLICE Officer's silver cap badge with a king's crown, E-W loop fitting. Hallmarked on front Maker J.W & S with Anchor (Birmingham) Lion(Stirling) with date letter g for 1906. Height: 60mm. Intertwined "IP" cipher Anyone any idea as to its value or rarity this is totaly out of my field of collecting. Thanks Alan
  6. After searching and googling the web I come to the font of all knowledge GMC for information on this badge, I am sure it must be a Fire badge with crossed axes and a helmet, but which one and what country. I await the answers to flood in from GMC members. The badge has 2 EW loop fixings and is approx 44mm dia. Thanks in advance Alan
  7. Hi Steve Welcome to GMIC, sorry to say you are on a hiding to nothing as most forces did not keep very good records for specials. The best I have ever seen are WWII Gloucestershire. The biggest problem is that specials medals, unless you get the box it came in do not state the force served in. So you don't even have a starting point. Best of luck with your research, if you think they may be from Cambridgeshire I do have a few names only WWII though, unfortunatly even group photos of which there are many are not normaly named. Alan
  8. Wingnut1269 contacted me via my web site so I have given him some information as to when the helmet was issued. The following is further info that I have found but I can’t take credit for this information it was supplied to me by my friend the ex curator of the force museum form his records and research. I have asked the Cambs NARPO branch if any of there members know of him. I await a reply. Svard PC789 not listed in any of the force records that exist, but found SVARD listed in the Chief Constables report for 1976, and listed as leaving the force and transferring to the Metropolitan police on 11/07/1976. A part from this I have no other information from police records. I have found the below information on Ancestry.com which refers to his Birth Death (died aged 51) and possible marriage / s Birth Name: Olof J A Svard Mother's Maiden Surname:Callan Date of Registration:Apr-May-Jun 1950 Registration district:Hammersmith Inferred County: Greater London, Middlesex Volume Number: 5c Page Number: 970 Death Name: Olof John A Svard Birth Date: 6 Jun 1950 Date of Registration: Feb 2002 Age at Death: 51 Registration district: Portsmouth Inferred County: Hampshire Register number: C71A District and Subdistrict: 4971C entry number: 100 Olof J A Svard married Doyle Jul-Aug-Sep 1968 Ealing Middlesex Olof J A Svard married Farrell Feb 1991 Harrow olof J A Svard married Errington Jan 2002 Harrow Olof J A Svard married Lynch Jan 2002 Harrow I don't know if these are all his marriages but he is the only O J A SVARD I could find
  9. Any one know the best way to replace half-moon type fittings on enamel lapel badges, as I have a few that have been board mounted and had the fitting cut/broken off. Thanks Alan
  10. I am trying to obtain provenance on three WWII specials lapel badge that I have, they always seem to be listed as Met special constables, but I don't think they are as I can find no evidence to support this. A collector friend thinks they may be for Merioneth The diameter is 20mm and as can be seen one has a red crown the other is marked silver and the diameter is 13mm compared to other two when purchased it was sold as Manchester senior officer. I have asked collectors that I know but no one has a definitive answer, hoping someone in GMIC can come up with an answer. Fingers crossed Alan http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2011/post-6771-0-98510700-1310752105.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2011/post-6771-0-22459900-1310752202.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_07_2011/post-6771-0-67278700-1310752163.jpg
  11. Brian These are PAMS I have there may be others, if so I have not seen them. I only know that I am looking for 1 more Bedford 1 more WAPC and at least 1 PAMS cap badge out bid on ebay last week. Only problem I have is not being able to place the unnamed ones with a force. Alan
  12. Brian Thought you might like to see this one, I have never seen any other forces in colour only black or brass. Coincidence that it is Reading ?
  13. Peterborough Combined had a White Cox Comb Helmet, the tunic was only worn for one day so I have been told as they kept being asked for ice cream's. Not sure how long the helmets where worn for. Alan
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