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  1. Hi Gentlemen, can you tell me something about this medal? Thanks Uli
  2. Hallo Chris,
    I am back at home. Have still nice days in Kostanz an a very well fly home to America.
    Greetings from Uli (Schatzmeister)

  3. Hallo gentleman, Anhalt is always very difficult. Opinions please THANKS Uli
  4. Hallo Wolf, there are a lot of fakes on this page. For example: - Pferdepflege Diebitsch -> fake - Diebitsch-> fake - Roßbach -> fake greetings Uli
  5. It is a original issued piece with "K. Schwenzer" below the bust. Greetings Uli
  6. Hallo, for example a medal bar with the military service medal. greetings Uli
  7. Hallo Paul, I think you are on the wrong way. Its not the silver military servis medal. I have about 25 such medals. Greetings Uli
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