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  1. Have this award document in my collection. Can anyone tell me if they have any value.
  2. another one for ye guys. Is this the real deal. And if so any idea of its value
  3. Thanks for all your opinions. This medal is for sale along with an award certificate for a knights cross. If the certificate is genuine it is probably worth more than the medal. If the award certificate is real there is still no proof that it has anything to do with the modified ek1. My search for a genuine rk will continue. Thanks again
  4. Thanks Gordan appreciate your comments and any other views people may have, these are the only 2 pictures I can get unfortunately.
  5. Can anyone give me an opinion on this medal. Is it genuine ?
  6. Chris, have you a picture of the ribbon for this medal. Perhaps it was a field replacement cross. Where is this medal now?
  7. Thanks christerd, I appreciate that the odds are stacked against this medal, but in your opinion then it is not the medal of a u-boat captain. could it be a field replacement medal? What bothers me that is that if it were a reproduction would it not be die cast. Have you ever come accross hand made reproductions of medals which were originally die cast. It seems alot of trouble to go to to make a medal which will not turn out anything like the original. Maybe someone did sit down after the war and hand craft this medal, but why. Would it not be more likely that an officer commisioned someone perhaps a captive to make a field replacement. I understand the statistics are not in favour but do you think it is a possibility that this is a war time piece. I have interest in the medal from others but as to the value, do you think it has any thanks for your post the Knight
  8. Hi all, Back again with another question. Since i posted pictures of the RK O&S on this web site i have been contacted several times by people looking for it. Given all the doubt there is over its authenticity and on the flip side its rarity if it were a genuine piece, can anyone give me a fair valution for it. Love to hear some fresh opinions on the piece and thanks to all who have already contributed. The Knight
  9. Sir Knight,
    I like your Ersatz Rk w/ OL&S very much. Perhaps if you tire of it someday I would be interested in purchase or trade. Please keep me in mind.
    Kind regards,

  10. Thanks for your comments. Hope you are right and it is a medal produced under field conditons possibly on a u boat. I must check and see what metals were used making it and see where they would have been readily available to troops in action. This version is so unlike an original that it makes me think that it was made in the field where there were no originals to copy. If it were produced as a reproduction for sale i would have thought it would have been more like an original and cast from a die rather than being hand made. I would be grateful for any other comments on this medal or on the subject of field made medals More photos and examples would be grate
  11. I have bought this medal since i last posted on this topic. I couldnt resist. Some days I am glad. If it is real then im sure it must be one of a kind. An official version could cost over €20,000. I know a lot of effort went into making it by hand. I also think those making it had not got an original to copy directly from. Perhaps it was based om memory or a photograph. What ever its history im sure there is an interesting story behind it. Has Anyone any further information about field replacement medals or crew maded medals. Any information would be appreciated. Perhap someone has pictures of such pieces being worn during the war.
  12. Just looking through old post and came across this one. Did you ever find the picture you were looking for. I have a rew made RK myself and am interested in finding examples
  13. Has anyone ever heard of a crew made knights cross. I told it is when a commander was awarded a cross and was still at sea the crew would make a 2nd class iron cross convert and im told could hand craft oak leaves etc. Maybe im been told lies. anyone think its likely.
  14. I understand that this is not an original knights cross. It is a 2nd class iron cross converted to be a field replacement knights cross The oak leaves and swords dont look right to me and thats why im puzzled. If it is an authentic field replacement cross, whom would have made the oaks and swords. If it were not being sold by a fairly reliable source who are looking for alot of money i would have alot more doubts. Any opinions, is it a medal that could have been worn during the war or is it a post war fake attempt at re creating a field replacement knights cross.
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