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  1. Good evening...a little set of Blc 7x50.... Best regards Herv
  2. Hello, thank's, very nice binoculars ! as new ..congratulations Best regards Herv
  3. Hi Nesredep Thank you very much for yours appreciations.. Best regards Herv
  4. Bonsoir Michel et merci de ton accueil sur GMIC, comme tu peux le constater j'ai repris un peu la collection..je me limite aux optiques,instruments et documents de la Kriegsmarine..Je ne manquerai pas de poster quelques autres pi?ces...? bient?t j'esp?re...Bien amicalement...Herv? Hello Michel and thank's a lot for your welcome on GMIC, as you can see, I have make a come back in the Kriegsmarine collect few years ago..So, now I'm interesting by U-boat instruments, navigation's items, optics and documents of the Kriegsmarine...Next time, I will post others items from my collect...I hope to see
  5. Martin, I'm happy to see your binocs..I think that we was in Ireland ?
  6. This set beh 8x60 was taked by a British Officer of the Royal Navy during the operation Deadlight.. best Herv
  7. This set come from Wilhelmshafen, a nice set of 7x50 Karl Zeiss ( T )... Best Herv
  8. This one is coming from a navy canadian v?t?ran who had taked the beh 7x50 when the U-190 was surrended... best Herv
  9. Hi Martin, Thank's for your reply, I'm looking for show others sets..you are also collector of Kriegsmarine instruments and optiks ? ;excuses me for my " bad " English.. Best from carribean sea... Herv
  10. One of my sets of binoculars, the 8x60 Blc ( T ).... Best of carribean sea... Herv
  11. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2009/post-6935-1243211013.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2009/post-6935-1243210977.jpg Complet log of the Kriegsmarine with the transit case.. H VdW collector of Kriegsmarine instruments and optiks.. Regards..
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