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  1. Thank you, Gents for your help. I have tried a lot of variations, but I didn't think for Scouller. Thanks for your great help and also for the Gazette entry. I have found a lot of infos on the website about his promotions.
  2. Hello Gents, I have an interesting Group Captain RAF tunic with an AFC ribbon on it. There is a label on the inside, but I am in trouble with the name on it. I can't make it out. Can you please help me what is the name of the officer? Thanks, Balazs
  3. I have found that the lower mark is also an Arthus-Bertrand mark. It is a wheel gear and a star above. The AB & Cie and the lower mark together was used from 1911.
  4. Owain, Thank you for your kind help. I am trying to check the French silver marks, maybe I can find some informations. Kind regards, Balazs
  5. I have an Ethiopian Order of Holy Trinity grand cross breast star in my collection. It has a hallmark which is unknown for me. It looks like the the top row has two letters 'A' and 'B'. What do you think it could be Arthus Bertrand as the manufacturer? What does the other marks mean? Thanks, Balazs
  6. This is my newest item in my collection, an Italian Order of Crown Commander. It has a manufacturers mark ('t2') which is unknown to me? Can you please help me which firm could it be? Thanks, Balazs
  7. I have an other interesting tunic which needs an identification. The buttons looks like Green Howards buttons. What kind of tunic could it be? Is it a late Victorian period volunteers tunic for Green Howards? There is a crown on the upper left arm, is it a rank insignia (sergeant major) or something else? Something is missing from the shoulder boards, there is stitching on the reverse? Was it the name and number of the battalion? Thank you for your help. Balazs
  8. Thank you William. I've learnt a lot about the stamps from your comment.
  9. I've found some interesting photos about Guards bandsman uniforms. All of them are from early 20th century.
  10. Thank you for your comments. I tried to search for the Swiss origin, but the only result was the ebay auction on your link. I think the seller is not sure about the origin, beacause at the end of the description there are keywords as 'Foot Guards, Grenadiers, Fusiliers, British Army, Uniform. Georgian era. Switzerland'. If it is not British the stamp on the inside is strange.
  11. Gents, I need some help to identify the following tunic. It looks like a 'Guards pattern' with a Guards pattern lace, ' Firmin & Sons Ld - St Martins Lane' marked buttons and a stamp on the inside 'Inspected RMC 3 - 11 - 1911'. What kind of tunic could it be? What is the abbreviation 'RMC' stands for? Royal Military College? Sandhurst or Canada? Thank you for your comments. Balazs [/IMG]
  12. Thank you for your fast help.
  13. Hello Gents, I need some help about this Japanese badge/medal. What can it be? The ribbon looks like the ribbon of the Order of The Rising Sun, but the badge is different. Is it an association badge/medal or something else? Thank you for your help. Regards, Balazs
  14. Hello Jannis, IMO the multiple award bar and the ribbon looks like a modern copy. These ribboons used to be late 20st century copies. The medal is a very nice original bravery medal. Regards, Balazs
  15. Bison, Thank you for your great help. I have found an interesting book, which is available online, maybe it will useful to someone:" Histoire générale des ordres de chevalerie, civils et militaires, existant en Europe ; Empire français ; Légion d'honneur" from 1811, by Nicolas Viton de Saint Allais https://archive.org/details/bub_gb_L04MAQAAMAAJ Regards, Balazs
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