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  1. Photo No 2: I have just found another photo of No. 2 (Sultan Muhammad) taken about the same period, but not at the same time, showing him wearing the same Collar as Photo No. 1 with a crowned Collar-Badge. No. 2 photo must have the crown hidden from view. JDM
  2. Name located for a Pontianak Sultanate Order. The Bintang Dubus 1819 ("Dubus" was the name of a Governor - General of the Dutch East Indies) PHOTO 1, Sultan Syarif Yusuf (reigned 1872 to 1895) wore a Collar: This consists of a Collar probably in gold, composed of a Jawi script (Jawi is the Malay term for an Arabic script) and the Emblem of Palembang - (an upright star & crescent). The Collar-Badge is a crowned 12-pointed star, set with eight small star & crescent emblems (4 set in the base of the points & 4 between the points). The central medallion of the Badge has
  3. The above listed (from Stefan) "Defence Force Order of Merit", is in fact THE ORDER OF THE MUKOROB (for meritorious service in the defence forces), it is also called "The Military Order". It is awarded in 6 classes, Grand Commander with Post-Nominals of (G.C.M.), Grand Officer (G.O.M.), Commander (C.M.), Officer (O.M.), Knight (K.M.), and Member (without Post-Nominals). It ranks after The Most Excellent Order of the Eagle and before The Most Distinguished Order of Namibia. Source: "Government Gazette of the Republic of Namibia (No. 1048)" signed into law, by President Sam Nujoma
  4. The Medal on the right is the Pingat Jubili Perak Pahang 1957 Silver Jubilee Medal of Pahang 1957, (note the perak in this instance = Silver) The give-away is the image of the late Sultan, Abu Bakar of Pahang JDM
  5. The actual words on the Badge are as I expected, except the "R" was missed out, and now should read = DARJAH KEHORMATAN KESULTANAN NEGERI LANGKAT The Order of Honour of the Sultanate & State of Langkat Ribbon approx. 32mm green, yellow, red, white, red, yellow & green (2.5/6/5/5/5/6/2.5mm) JDM
  6. Notes on Indonesian and Malaysian: "Darjah" = Order "Kesultan" should be just Sultan to mean SULTAN "Kesultanan", i.e. add "Ke" to the word Sultan, and end in "an" = SULTANATE "Negeri" = State. So "DARJAH KEHOMATAN KESULTANAN NEGERI LANGKAT" = Order of Honour of the Sultanate & State of Langkat JDM
  7. James, The only source of the Surakarta and Palembang Decorations come from their websites. JDM
  8. James, The Pontianak, Sambas, Sambaliung, Siak and Langkat Decorations are from the period before these States were abolished, some of these Decorations can be seen in photos of their former Ruler's on the "ROYAL ARK" website. JDM
  9. KESULTANAN PONTIANAK - PONTIANAK SULTANATE (W. Borneo) Pontianak existed from 1771 to 1950, when it was abolished under Sultan Syarif Abdul Hamid II Al-Kadiri, it was restored on 15th January, 2004 under H.M. Sultan Syarif Abubakar Al-Kadiri (born 1944). Pontianak had at least 2 Orders and a Medal ca. 1880. Bintang Mahkota Pontianak The Order of the Crown of Pontianak 1880 (Collar, Badge & Breast Star) 100mm Sash, yellow, red, yellow, red, yellow, red, yellow 4/4/4/76/4/4/4mm Bintang Kesultanan Pontianak The Order of the Star of Pontianak Sultanate 1880 (Collar,
  10. Other historical and current "Kesultanan, Kerajaan" (Sultanates and Kingdoms) in Indonesia. KESULTANAN PALEMBANG DARUSSALAM - PALEMBANG SULTANATE (S.E. Sumatra) Palembang was a Sultanate from 1454 until it was abolished in 1825 by the Dutch. It was restored on 4th March 2003 under H.M. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin III. On the 10th Anniv. of the reign, Orders and Medals were founded, again these were in the Malaysian style with Post-Nominal Letters. The senior class (Sash) also has a Breast-Medal (all have the same Ribbon, but with a different coloured Badge) Darjah Kerabat Sultan
  11. KESULTANAN NGAYOGYAKARTA ADININGRAT, in English = YOGYAKARTA SULTANATE (formerly under the Dutch as Djogdjakarta) A Sultanate since 13th Feb. 1755, it was never abolished by the Republic of Indonesia, in fact the late Sultan proclaimed the republic in 1945, after that he became Vice-President of the Republic, he died in 1988. Yogyakarta is now under H.M. Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, he succeeded in 1989. Local language = Javanese. Bintang Pusaka Kraton Yogyakarta, Founded between 1814 and 1823. The Royal Order of the Sacred Heirlooms of Yogyakarta Palace 1st Class A gold and ename
  12. SURAKARTA (also known as Solo), now known locally as Kesusuhunanan Surakarta, under H.M. Paku Buwono XIII, The Susuhunan of Surakarta, since 2004. H.M. has issued new Orders and Medals in 2004, since then thet have been awarded to officially recognized Sultans and Rajas, and Court Nobles ect. These Orders have adopted Malaysian names (instead of Javanese) and Post-Nominal Letters, they are as follows: Some of the Sashes are the same, they seem to have different Badges and Stars. Awards of Kesusuhunanan Surakarta Adiningrat - Surakarta Adiningrat Sultanate Darjah Kerabat Tert
  13. Thank you Gongz. I, as I have said, have photos of some of the current Orders, but they are Samoan Government copyright, I will send them to Megan to put on this site, soon. I have asked Megan to start an Indonesian section, as I don't see Indonesia, or the Indonesian Sultanates & Kingdoms, they have lots of Orders and Decorations. JDM
  14. I am trying to write an article for OMRS, can I use your photos? In 1995 those Decorations were the only ones awarded, except for the GRAND ORDER OF VAILIMA which was awarded to H.M. The Queen in 1977, but I suspect this Order was similar to the design of the ORDER OF TIAFAU, with a similar ribbon, i.e. red/white/blue. The Vailima was obsolete by 1992, I would suspect that it became obsolete with the change of government in 1988. One wonders where these Samoan Decorations were made? JDM
  15. As we can now see, the Samoan Government contact was not entirely correct when he told me that the current ribbons were used for the now defunct Western Samoa Awards. The design is the same, the only difference is some of the wording and a different ribbon for the Order of Tiafau. MERIT ACT OF 1992/3 THE MALIETOA TANUMAFILI II DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER - M.T.II.D.S.O. A gold disc with the embossed head of H.H. Malietoa Tanumafili II, within a disc, the outer part in the shape of a cross. The red border has "MALIETOA TANNUMAFILI II" (top) and "DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDE
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