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  1. You're woried that a pagan festival taken over by the Christians, celebrated by putting up a Greman tree and telling kids that a Turkish bishop with a Dutch name who lives in the Arctic is bringing them made in Japan toys in a magic sleigh pulled by Lappish reindeer is being spolied by 'foreign influences'?  Hmm.  

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Eid Mubarakh and Happy Kwanza.  And peace on Earth to all of good will.

  2. My 'favourite' is the current Canadian media practice of converting comments about length from Imperial to metric.  If he said it was 'About 10 yards away', which is usually a layman's estimate and probably off by a factor of 50% anyway, what possible purpose is served by removing the quotation marks and informing the reader that it was 'about 8.4 metres' away?  Serioulsy?


  3. My congratulations to the winners as well. All well deserved.

    The comments made by the judges in realation to many of the photos will be published shortly - meant to have done so by now but life intruded!

    The issue of previous entries being re-submitted did come up but, as noted, was not banned by the current rules. Something which will be revisited for next time.

    Paja - thanks for posting the previous winners!

    Again, well done to all who submitted.


  4. Well, the entries are in and the judges thank you all for giving them some real meat to chew on. Pretty close to 200 entries all together - pretty impressive total.

    We will work away individually then consult on the results and publicize the final results as quickly as our various schedules in real life permit. I thank you in advance for your patience!

    Peter Monahan,


  5. Greg

    Glad you're back. I'm in the '56 pushing hard for 57' doldrums myself. No whining but it ain't how I imagined it! Lots of time - retired now - but less $$ and far less energy than I'd counted on when I started assembling the bucket list!

    Looking forward to the next competition myself. Hope to see your name there. "Keep calm and carry on."


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