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  1. Linas

    The preferred protocol here on the GMIC is that, if you have purchased something for the purposes of resale, you include that information in your post asking for help.  I'm sure many members will still continue to assist with identifications but there is clearly a difference between, say a beginning collector who isn't sure where to look for information, and someone in your situation.


  2. Your answer on the provenance means these aren't modern copies.  What a pity your uncle didn't tell anyone the story behind the titles - someone he met? chance pick-up? The combination of tunic, slouch hat and kukri is nice too.  I only own one kukri these days, but have always had a soft spot for them.  Thanks for sharing the titles and the Information.  

  3. Thanks, Tony.  I'm afraid I led with my mouth again, Rick. :(  Clearly not a stable jacket by the cut, which I should have caught.  I was looking for a 'braid free' version, because, as I said, I see the braid, or at least some of it, as a later addition and not by a military tailor. 

    The number of visible threads on the edges of the front would practically guarantee, IMO, that one would snag them with the hooks while doing it up and rip free some of the braid.  Perhaps I'm too fixated on that, though. My apologies for the red herring!

  4. The '18H' on the lining may indicate the 18th Royal Hussars of the British Army but I really don't like the way the braid is stitched onto the tails or the amount of loose thread at the opening.  I would guess that someone has taken a plain stable jacket - possibly 18H - and added the braid.  Best guess and I may well be wrong.  See undress 'stable jackets' below, which is how I believe this started life.


  5. These look to me like classic Indian made titles.  The quality of the casting and the lugs - cast as tabs and drilled afterwards - is typical of both period [issue] pieces and some modern copies & fakes.  I don't think these are modern knockoffs but it is imposssible to be certain without provenance.  

    There are a fair number of photos with IA members wearing various shoulder titles, especially from the 1930s and WWII period, though more often officers.   My personal theory, based on sketchy evidence, is that ORs often did not wear shoulder titles, especially on campaign.  The photos I have seen from WWI - my area of limited expertise - seem to bear this out but not sure how that may have changed by 1939-45.

    I hope this is a little helpful.  You might also post these photos on the 'Indian' section of the British Badge Forum, where the real experts hang out! :)


  6. Marcus

    Sadly, I suspect that there simply isn't enough of a market for quality repros and originals are probably in the 'scarce as hen's teeth category'. :(

    I have no idea how badly you want a pair, but friends who do Napoleonic era re-enacting with me [we're all staff officers, so useless sods] have had insignia custom embroidered in India.  They want gold wire and so on, but I suspect you can get anything you will pay for.  The trick is to get the makers clear patterns/pictures to work from and, perhaps, be prepared for some back and forth before you get what you want.  

    Good luck on the hunt!


  7. Here is a link to the National Archives service records.  https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/research-guides/royal-air-force-personnel/#7-lists-of-raf-servicemen

    There is a guide on their site which is worth reading.  Many of these records have been digitized by MyAncestry.com and similar commercial sites, so you may have to pay to access the complete records, I just don't know.  [I know a little more about the Canadian records, not much about the British ones].

    I hope this is some small help.


  8. I believe there were only two Field Marshals during WWII, Monty and Slim, so the number of these manufactured from the time "Battledress, Serge" was introduced in 1937 until it was phased out in 1961 must have been very small.  I suspect authentic examples are quite rare and likely to be expensive even assuming you could find one.

    There appear tom be several shops in the UK which sell repro. insignia, including one called "Monty's Locker".  They don't appear to stock general's insignia but perhaps they can steer you in the right direction.  Good luck with the hunt.

  9. 3 hours ago, Trooper_D said:

    Officers were lucky. As this site explains, for ordinary soldiers, "[a] three and a half inch (8cm) leather stock was worn around the neck to preserve a 'soldierly' aspect, which was rarely allowed to be discarded even on campaign." 

    I wore one of these pretty regularly while doing Napoleonic era living history.  Always a big hit with the crowds. 

    I once made one in a real hurry for a fellow  unit member who'd lost his.  The only leather I had to hand was 'sole bend' - 3 to 4 cm thick.  Damn near killed the poor fellow the first time he wore it!  Opps!


  10. I assume the bronze one is yours as well?  As I understand it, for those who collect ALL the UN Korea Medals, that one is the Holy Grail.  Well done!

    Other than that, I have nothing to contribute, I'm afraid, except to comment that the Ethiopians seem to be a law unto themselves when it comes to orders and medals.  But a lovely thing.  Thanks for sharing  this piece.

  11. In the British and Indian Armies of that period, officers did not have serial numbers.  Each was known by a unique name, which is why if you examine an Indian Army List from WWI or WWII you'll find officers named 'Smith' with up to four initials, or with their mother's maiden name hyphenated in to make their name unique.

    This is not an issue kukri and doesn't even look like the regimental presentation ones with which I'm familiar.  I believe it is a tourist piece, perhaps of some age, which was personalized by the seller.  :(



  12. Sadly, I agree that taking it off is your only option and that this may 'leave a mark'.  It looks as if you will need to recover part of the case anyway, so I would make a clean sweep: carefully remove all the leather on that side of the baox, remove hinge and rehabilitate and then replace.  Then glue a strip of fine leather - 'wallet lining' should be about the right weight - or fine black cloth over the whole side of the case.  It won't be a perfect match but you should be able to come up with something that looks acceptable.

    Good luck!

  13. I don't know anything about VC flags.  But, I do know that Vietnam is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination, including among veterans of that conflict.  I also know that it is one of the world's leading producers of cotton clothing.  And, apparently, war souvenirs.  Caveat Emptor!

  14. I believe Jaba is correct.  Any law which has 'extraterritorial' application does so as a result of some international accord - in other words, a group of countries have gotten together and agreed that 'this is a crime' everywhere'.  

    They are also correct about enforcement: most of these agreements are not signed by ALL members of the UN, which in turn does not represent every nation on Earth. 

    Non-signatories rarely help enforce even these 'extraterritorial' laws.  Without pointing  fingers, I would invite you to examine who did and did not sign the international band on the use of land mines in warfare.  :(



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