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  1. Here is another small contribution... - war honor medal Lippe-Detmold for NC - house-order 4th class div. A Lippe-Detmold (made by C.F. Zimmermann, late piece)
  2. 🤩 Nice ribbonbar...would fit exactly in my collection! On his revers for the LDH4 with swords Robert Franz Strehle noted in the column "other awards and orders" on 12th September 1917: E.K.2 Pr.K.O.4 Bayr.Mil.Verd.Ord. 4 m. Schw. Würtb. Ritterkr. I Kl. m. Schw. des Friedr.Ord. Lipp.Kr.Verd.Kr. Hamb.Hanseaten Kr. Hess.Kr.Ehrenzeichen Regards Roman
  3. A small correction: Brünnecke is not waering the LH4 but the SLH4 (which he got on 11th February 1908).
  4. Just discovered this nice topic, where I can contribute something, I got some time ago. Although the document for war merit cross for heroic deeds Lippe-Detmold is in a quite poor condition, I still like it very much. Fritz Kleineges was Wachtmeister der Haubitzen-Batterie des Sturmbat. Rohr and got this war merit cross for defeating an incoming attack. He was wounded twice, but survived the war. A few of his awards also survived....only the IC 2nd class was missing (I got everything directly from the family). Regards Roman
  5. I´m really pleased you liked my choice of photos. Here are some more...off the record: 16) Prince Leopold IV in between some officials (mainly from Austria according to their medalbars) The three marked names are A) Georg Freiherr von Eppstein ( personal friend of the prince and official in the cabinet of Lippe-Detmold) B) Oldwig von Natzmer ("Fluegeladjudant" of prince Leopold IV.) C) von Loos ("Oberhofmarschall" in Detmold) 17) Prince Leopold IV. at the headquarters of the VII.AOK 18) Prince Leopold IV. in between the professors of the university Erlangen (where he got academic honors) 19) Prince Leopold IV in between his family (dated christmas 1918) Hope you like it, too... Regards Roman
  6. Hi gents, inspired by the feedback on my royal ribbonbar http://gmic.co.uk/topic/73145-royal-8-place-ribbon-bar-lippe-detmold/ I would like to show you a selection of my photos of prince Leopold IV. of Lippe-Detmold in a chronological order: 1) 1896 in a student´s uniform 2) 1899 with a miniature chain 3) 1901 with princess Bertha (throne proclamation) 4) 1906 in the house uniform 5) 1909 in the uniform of the 55th regiment (my favorite photo) 6) 1914 with princess Bertha 7) 1915 in the uniform of the 55th regiment 8 ) 1916 with the previously shown ribbonbar 9) ca 1917 in the uniform of KUK 12th Feldjäger (field hunter) uniform 10) 1919 again with princess Bertha (statement: last picture as a couple / Bertha died in 1919). 11) 1922 with his new wife (and cousin) princess Anne 12) 1932 with princess Anne 13) 1936 with almost all awards 14) 1946 (76 years old) 15) 1949 his death notice I hope you like the little choice of 14 photos I made...In total I have between 80-90 different photos. Regards Roman
  7. Yes, I saw the uniform already last year during a visit in Hamburg....of course, it´s "nice to have", but the price Weitze is asking, clearly blocks me from even thinking about buying it. Weitze also has some other nice Lippe stuff in his shop...like the miniature chain of the Prince, which I also had in my hands. But again the prices were not acceptable at all. By the way, here is another picture of the Prince (with Princess Bertha zur Lippe-Detmold), where he is also wearing this uniform. Exactly this picture was also used in the local newspaper announcing his proclamation of becoming the ruling Prince of Lippe-Detmold in 1901. Both shown things are in my collection and my property.
  8. I just realized, that I forgot to provide you with the ultimate evidence, that the ribbonbar was worn by Prince Leopold IV. In the meantime I got the attached photos with exactly this ribbonbar 🙂
  9. Here is one, I bought and sold recently... The IC 1st class was sold before I got it and there were also a WW2 war merit cross with swords 2nd and 1st class, most likely belonging to this group. Unfortunately there was no name coming with this group.
  10. Uppps, you should have told me before...these pieces came originally from me :-) I got a few from an old jewelry inventory....all were unawarded and never unpacked before in mint condition.
  11. Hmmm...I don´t like this pinback-cross...it doesn´t look like proven original ones.
  12. Just recognized, that I forgot to provide the evidence :-) Here is Eichhorst´s role-entry....
  13. Hi, this nice little group I got recently from his granddaughter... Werner Eichhorst got on 23rd June 1917 his Golden Merit Medal Leopold-order Lippe-Detmold, as No. 41 of the list (out of only 84 awards in total). He was working as a decorator and acc. to the information, I got from his granddaughter, he was producing cussions etc. Following this information it is quite likely, that he supplied a new bed for the ruling Prince Leopold IV. zu Lippe-Detmold. Surprisingly he skipped the Bronze and Silver medal and directly got the Golden one. The Golden merit medal was his only award, during his military service 1883-1886 he received nothing. The group consists of the medal, a passport, his Militärpass and the Auszug aus der Kriegsstammrolle. Unfortunately the award document or case for the medal didn´t survive... I hope you like it.... Regards Roman
  14. Maybe the 2nd orange ribbon is related to The Netherlands, e.g. house-order Oranje merit medal? Then the arrangement of the ribbons would make sense: All Prussian orders first, then the two Lippe-awards and on the last position the foreign Oranje-order.
  15. I found him on facebook, thanks for the hint...I will try over there. His name is Denis Darmanin. Best regards Roman
  16. I saw it on Ebay...but the result was ridiculous high...regarding the Lippe-awards everythig was correct on the photo. By the way, the name of Siegfried Mummenthey was also marked on the back of the photo. On his receipt for the cross for heroic deeds, he noted a SA3b on 8th December 1915. Regards Roman
  17. No,no...I got the buttons by accident...but they are a nice addon to my Lippe-collection. Before getting these buttons, I even had no idea about their variety...Lippe-detmold used to be one of the smallest principalities of Imperial Germany. Regards Roman
  18. Here is a Lippe-bar...the left medal is the 1866 war memory medal Lippe-Detmold And again a Lippe-bar...with the silver merit cross of the house order (awarded for 1870/71): And.....a Prussian bar with the silver merit medal Lippe-Detmold. The bar belongs to gendarme Hufen from Rietberg (near Guetersloh):
  19. Hi gents, I recently got a number of buttons for lackey uniforms...all related to the principality Lippe-Detmold. Some buttons I was able to identify, for some I´m still looking for information. First of all I will show the unknown ones, of course all related to Lippe-Detmold showing its Imperial heraldic signs in different variations: This one shows the heraldic sign of Lippe-Detmold unitl 1687 (although the backside is much younger) !!!! This one belongs to Prince (Friedrich) Leopold III, ruling 1851-1875: This one belongs to Prince Woldemar (1875-1895) This one belongs to Grafregent Ernst (1897-1904): And finally these ones belong to Prince Leopold IV (1905-1918): I hope you like these small fellows Any comment is welcome... Regards Roman
  20. Bin ich der Einzige, der hier als Ostwestfale neben Englisch auch Hochdeutsch schreiben kann?
  21. I recently got this rare photo of Prince Leopold IV of Lippe-Detmold, surprisingly wearing not "his" house-order, but the Waldeck house-order (with crown) at his neck On the photo he is wearing the uniform of the 6th Westf. Infanterie-Regiment No. 55 (Bülow von Dennewitz), the Lippe-Detmold regiment. The photo was taken in 1909, according to the notice on its backside. Regards Roman
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