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  1. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > Hi, I don't know if I am posting this correct, but here goes, and bear with me folks, I have a question, take a look at this, My Great Great Grandad James Carter, born 1859, Iden, Sussex, he is on this document, now, I would really like to know if anyone out there can tell me what it means? It has Regimental number of 2083, and then at end of line it is ticked, and a number of 128, does anyone know what this means?. I think the medals were forfeited, but I don't really know for sure, I read somewhere that some medals were sent back and melted?, but I do not know this for sure.I know he was in the 8th royal irish hussars. I have been trying to find more of him, or any mentions of him anywhere, so I need all the expertise to help me!! so HELP!!!. You are all so helpful on here, maybe someone will find something else for me on this. Kindest Regards Jeanette Newton.' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  2. Thank you every body for your help, and I would love to know more about the 8th hussars history.
  3. A newer photo has come up of my Great Great Grandad James Carter, just thought I would share it with you. Can you tell me what colors he would have worn in this photo. Actually, anything you can tell me about this pic would be wonderful folks.
  4. I guess I'll have to settle for a photo of one then, that will suffice. I didn't realise that they were quite rare. I think this site is so interesting, my son looks on here all the time with me, it has got to be one of the best ever. Everybody is so helpful. Kind Regards Jeanette Newton.
  5. Wow!!!!!. I don't suppose I could claim Great Grandad's medal for free then!!! lol. If he forfeited it, I guess he won't ever get it!!!. Great pictures of the medals, shame they don't stay with the familys that they were intended for, but then, you wouldn't be able to collect them. It is marvellous to see them, and they all have stories behind them which is what I find fascinating. Kind Regards Jeanette Newton.
  6. I found this very interesting, I saved the photo's of the medals to my files. Thank you. Kind Regards Jeanette Newton.
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for that, yes it sounds like their discipline was quite harsh in them days, I myself would love to know what happened!, it makes him even more exciting really. I don't think he deserted[well, hope not!], maybe he struck a commanding Officer or something!!. I am hoping his record of service has survived, having problems finding anything on that as of yet. Are these medals hard to come by?. I guess copies can be bought out there, but I am guessing that the originals would be quite pricey. Kind Regards Mrs. Jeanette Newton.
  8. Hi Darrell, Once again thank you so much for your hard work in finding this out for us, I certainly will look up Meurig Jones and ask for advice on how to proceed. We were told by Kew Gardens that lots of records were lost in the Blitz and that we didn't have much hope of finding anything on him, well, you have done marvels for us, we were so excited, can't tell you!. I will look up that website too, it is so nice, I posted a picture of James Carter on here ages ago, and everybody here has been such a help. My son just noticed on the first pic you sent us, to the very right of his name in the same row that is, it says' Forfeited', does that mean anything?. My Great Grandad was born in 1861, Iden, Sussex, he died 1915-16 thereabouts, I am guessing he left the Hussars around the 1898's-early 1900's as my Grandfather[his son] John Samuel Carter was born in 1908. My Grandfather always told me he[James] was a very private person, told him of two horses he had in the military,his love of horses never left him so my Grandad said, they were his lifeline and he would not mention any action he saw, sadly James died when he[John] was 8-9 years old. James was working as a Stevedore on London Docks in the E16 area of London when he fell into a dry dock [sad end for a soldier eh]. He left his wife Alice Marie with 8 children, she had to turn to Cobbling for a living to survive. I wonder if she got army pension?. Well, I thought I would just tell you a little of the background of the man you found for us, always nice to put a story to the people I reckon. If my Grandad had been alive he would have been so pleased, he never knew his Dad was in the Hussars, my Mum and I got very emotional, just to have some proof of where he was is great, my Mum always wanted to know about the Grandad she never got to meet, we had the picture of him and his name and that was all. I have collated every bit of information possible on him, and, once again Darrell, I cannot thank you enough, so grateful for your help, I think you deserve a medal!!!!. Kind regards Jeanette Newton.
  9. Hi Darrell, So that is James Carter, he was my Great Grandad, I am really flabberghasted!, This is marvellous, you have made me so happy mate. If he qualified for the Afghan Medal, would you know what action he may have seen, and where?.My son and I are trying to get a picture of what life was like for those soldiers, his photo is on my sideboard. I don't know much about clasps, or Bronze Kabul to Kandahar Star, would he have not been in the march to Kandahar?. I cannot wait to tell my Mother, we have tried so long to get any information on him, and I would love a copy of larger scan to be sent to me , simply marvellous. Anything on him is a bonus. Hope all my words have made sense, I am so pleased. Kind Regards Jeanette Newton.
  10. Hi, I have an interest in the 2nd Afghan War, I am trying to find any mention of a James Carter,he was born 1861, so the dates for this are right, he was in The 8th Hussars, I have tried for so long to find any trace of him anywhere, I wonder if you can hep? I have a picture of him posted on here, I recently confirmed his badge was 8th Hussar, the Harp. It just interested me to find a Carter on your list here, doesn't look like James though. Are there any lists of soldiers who fought in the Hussars at all?. Well, hope I haven't bothered you, Kind regards Jeanette Newton.
  11. Thank you so much for your information , this has really helped me a great deal, all I know of James was that he was born around 1861, born Iden, Sussex, died 1916[accident on London Docks]he was then a Docker on leaving the army. I tried to no avail to find records of him, but no success, I understand it is hard to do that sometimes, as records get lost or destroyed. But, you have given me a real insight , things I can look up, I have saved all this information to build up what kind of man he was. Thank you very much Captain George Albert, Great Grandad James is framed in a photo, after the other one got destroyed, someone, ripped it from it's original frame and damaged it, years ago.I think he would be pleased to know he is now framed again, he must have been proud of the original photo though, so sad no,one took care of it. My son will be able to look up more on him now, as he is an avid reader of war history.Thank you once again, Kind regards Jeanette Newton. Kind regards Jeanette Newton.
  12. Thank you so much for all that information, I am so grateful, everybody has helped me narrow it down alot, his photo now sits pride of place in my lounge, with so much info accumulated, I have been looking up possible scenario's for him. I t has given me such an insight into the man himself, a man my Grandad was so proud of, but died as a Docker in 1916 in a tragic accident.I have tried to find army records of him, no success thus far though, the only info I have on him, was being born James Carter in 1861, Iden, Sussex.He lived Custom House E16 area and worked on the Docks,so I gather from around the 1900's he must have left the army at some point.Thank you so much for your input sir, I am really grateful. Kind regards Jeanette Newton.
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