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  1. mike the first badge you show is not that common . the second very common. the Bundesstern is extremly rare the badge you show is a group leaders type of badge and not the extremly rare Bundesstern. i'll try dig out a pic for you. regards chris
  2. many thanks for kind replies. i am now concentrating on shooting lanyards . the 1918 stahlhelm still eludes me. i have put out wanted posts and rewards if anyone finds me one. hopefully someone will one day So if any member hears or sees one please please let me know cheers guys
  3. the mm in question here has been stated by robert lumsden as a fake on belt bukles. can you show full pics of the knife in total please
  4. gordon are yours both kits? and snoopy did you have to cut the model in half or came in half form ?
  5. wow very nice, i must admit the old bi-planes do look good
  6. see what you mean. i do not know as new to dagger mm. on mine its as you state you know of already.
  7. top again, anyother pics just ask but to me this looks right and no probs i can see
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