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    Orders and Medals from around the world with a focus on the People's Republic of Bulgaria. Also interested in photographs of decorated soldiers.

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  1. Latest People's Republic of Bulgaria photograph for my collection showing three officers posing together. No information on back but was most likely taken on or after 1972 due to the men wearing the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Georgi Dimitrov medal.
  2. Interesting picture of a couple during the People's Republic era. What's odd is the gentleman appears to be wearing Order of People's Liberty 2nd class along with the Order of 9 September 1944 third class and possibly first class (both without swords) but no second class. He also appears to be wearing the Medal for Participation in the People's Uprising or Participation in the Anti-Facist Struggle along with several others. The woman's medals are too over exposed to make out. I've been told the back is hardly understandable, even from others who can read Bulgarian.
  3. Graff, thanks for the reply. The medal and mini that came with the document are the regular service versions. I assume the medals were added with the document. Either way glad to have a mini example. Ilieff, also thank you for the reply. Is it possible to have a translation of the father and sons names?
  4. Pick this up at the OMSA 2021 show. Includes the award document along with the full size and miniature medal. Is it possible to get some help with the translation? I believe the unit is the 7th "Preslav" Infantry Regiment. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Sorry but this is a big as I can get it...
  6. Thanks Rick for the info! Also is it possible for anyone to also identify the ribbons on the Staff Sergeant sitting on the couch?
  7. If possible can someone identify the selected areas on my grandfather and his brothers. Any information helps Thanks
  8. Just showing my very small collection of Soviet medals and a German stickpin.
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