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  1. Hello Gentlemen, The last months i am searching for an original uniform for a RAF pilot during worldwar 2 and it would be great if the pilot received the DFC. I would love to make a nice setup of a wartime pilot with fighter command... I recently saw a tunic i fell in love with, can you give me your opinions please? There is no tailor or name tag in the uniform unfortunately... Thank you Ringo
  2. Hello Dave, sorry, i was looking for the good word for the aiguillettes... my fault
  3. Thanks guys, you were a great help! I will look on Ebay to see what i can find. Another thing i am thinking about is setting the uniform op with the silver ceremony cords, i guess these things are harder to find...
  4. Hello everyone, I have a uniform belonging to a Chief Constable and i would love to set in up in my office... I have found the two medals for on this uniform but if i search on the internet i can see that the most CC wear a metal chain ( i don't know if this is the correct term ). Can anyone give me some information about this litte thing? Maybe were i can buy them? Best regards Ringo
  5. The first four men in uniform aren't Generals, the first General in the row is the fifth with the golden ( white on the picture ) epaulettes. The first one is indeed General Major Danloy, "father" of the Belgian commandos during and after WWII. As the General turns slightly right I can't see him enough to ID him...
  6. Really a wonderful collection, small pieces but each very interesting and beautifull!
  7. Hey Ross, of course! I would be nice to join an organisation about UK police memorabilia! I live in Belgium but i would love to come once a year to the UK to attend a swap meeting... I visited the website of the Association and will aply for membership tomorrow. Hope i will meet other collectors soon! I work for the Belgian Local Police so maybe i can help other collectors with Belgian police memorabilia! Thanks for the tip! I all wish you a healthy and happy 2018!
  8. Thanks Dave for your quick reactions... is it correct to say that it is not allowed to buy/sell these helmet plates in the UK? Are there places on the internet where you can find these helmet plates or where collectors meet? I always look on Ebay but it seems that the current plates are very difficult to find there... thank you for your answer and i hope you have a wonderfull new year! best regards ringo
  9. nice topic about the different police helmets. I try to collect the current helmet plates but they are not that easy to find... Do people still collect the plates or isn't there a lot of interest in that sort of things... Regards
  10. Can nobody help me please? Maybe website/dealers online who sell these kind of stuff that i can contact?
  11. Hello, thanks for your reply... no response to my question but i have just posted my question so still have hope...
  12. Oh, i was forgotten: You can find a biography of the General here: http://www.northlincsweb.net/13Base/html/louis_remy_103_sqdn.html
  13. Hello Mervyn, Thank you so much for your answer... I sincerely hope someone will/can help me finding this badge, it would be great to complete the uniform of this "little" Belgian who came to the UK to fight against Germany. General Remy was a great man! After his duty for his country may 1940 he was imprisoned in Oflag VIIIC where he escaped tree times and was therefore send to Colditz were he learned to know a friendly pilot without legs who became his friend. This was without any doubt the legendary Douglas Bader... After his escape from Colditz he fled to Spain through Germany
  14. Hello dear fellow collectors, Recently i obtained the uniform of Brigadier General REMY Louis DFC. REMY was a Belgian pilot officer who flew with 103 squadron during WWII and obtained the DFC for his actions in combat. On the uniform are some ribbons ( Order of Leopold II - Order of Leopold - Belgian War Cross with seven (!) oak leaf ( bars ) and the DFC. The problem is that i have a picture of the General wearing his uniform during his appointment were he wears a pin badge of the 103 squadron on his right upper pocket of his vest and now the badge isn't on the vest anymore...
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