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  1. Does anyone recognize this one? "1 Oct 1874" on one side and the other side reads ? Krieger Verein. Thanks for any information you might be able to provide. sincerely, Greg
  2. I agree. Now that I've taken a closer look at it, what I thought was a repair actually looks like possibly thread wrapped around the small ring to hold the cross tighter to the ribbon.
  3. Nice original cross. It looks to have had the small ring repaired which is common on this style cross.
  4. WC---What can I say about that mini Maiden's cross But WOW. That's been on my want list for over a decade now.
  5. rujab, The Major Popp chain is great. I really like that 1870 Ek and Oaks.
  6. Peter and Kasle, Thanks very much for posting your Godet mini Eks. I think you might be right in that the fact that minie has a ribbon is due to the fact that mine uses much smaller crosses.
  7. Some obsessions never die. ---- I've got a couple new mini Eks coming.
  8. Nice looking cross Chris. I prefer my crosses to have that "been there-done that" look about them. I still do not have an engraved cross of my own. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short.
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